Pregnant Megan Fox has told how got back together with her husband

Беременная Меган Фокс рассказала, как опять сошлась со своим мужем
The actress explained why he suspended your divorce.

Беременная Меган Фокс рассказала, как опять сошлась со своим мужем

Megan Fox

Photo: Splash News/East news

Until recently, all
was wondering how this could happen, that Megan Fox, who announced the beginning of
divorce process with her husband Brian Greene, suddenly from him
got pregnant. In his last interview
the actress has told, how events developed.

In August last year, the pair
announced its intention to end the marriage and has launched a corresponding
the legal procedure. It seemed that reconciliation cannot be and speeches.
The only question discussed by Brian and Megan — will Greene,
injured the year before in a car accident, get from Fox
spousal alimony.

But this year, the couple decided
solely for the sake of their sons, three year old Noah and two-year Bodhi —
relax with the whole family on the island, where they have often been before. And here
a miracle happened. When couples with children arrived in the place where they once got married, they were extinct feelings
awakened. Not only as this place
inspired by romantic memories.

Of course, the couple didn’t plan
so soon after reconciliation to have a baby. As stated in one of his
an interview with Brian Greene, it was an unplanned pregnancy. “You know, not always
and not all can be scheduled. Sometimes, it just happens!” —
he commented “interesting position” wife.

Who exactly is waiting for Megan —
boy or girl, the pair still is not going to disclose. Although, as told
girlfriend actress, Fox, allegedly, promised the sons that soon they will have little

Megan Fox with her husband Brian Greene

Photo: Splash News/East news

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