Музыканты группы «Пикник» попали в серьезное ДТП The band members were taken to the hospital. The cause of the accident is not yet known. The accident occurred near the town of Gus-Crystal. Artists were forced to cancel the next few concerts.
Музыканты группы «Пикник» попали в серьезное ДТП

Musicians of group “picnic” has pleased fans with his concert in the city of Vladimir. Then they were sent to Ryazan. However on the road they got into a terrible accident. According to preliminary data, three people were hospitalized, including – soloist of the band Edmund shklyarskiy. As it turned out, the accident occurred near the town of Gus-Crystal. Participants were able to get out of the van. According to preliminary data, fractures they have. However, they have numerous bruises and cuts.

Because of the accident, the band was forced to cancel the concert, which was to be held today, March 16.

“An accident, severe accident, the causes are not yet known. The bus with the musicians involved in an accident, now they have, according to my information, quite heavy injuries”, – said to represent group Victor Dombrovsky.

Moreover, while fans of “Picnic” will have to be patient and wait for the band to improve their health. Victor warned the inhabitants of other towns who were waiting for their concerts that he can’t make any predictions.

However, the head of Gus-Khrustalny district of the Vladimir Karenin instilled hope in fans of the team. According to him, now the health of musicians out of danger.

“Seven victims in road accident with a minibus delivered to the trauma hospital Gus-Crystal. Their condition does not cause concern”, – he said.

As it became known TASS, on the highway Vladimir-tum collided with three vehicles. Doctors and traffic police immediately arrived at the scene.

However, fans in Kaliningrad and Murmansk, where at the end of the month, the rock band is scheduled to perform, I hope that by this time the artists will be able to go on stage and perform his hits.

“Picnic” continues to delight fans for 40 years. The team was formed in Leningrad. Many consider a landmark of the parish as the frontman Edmund Shklyarskiy in 1981. For all time of existence, the group has changed the order of 30 performers. Now the squad looks like this: Leonid Kirnos drummer, bass player Marat Korchemny, keyboardist Stanislav Szklarska, the leader’s son Edmund.