Соперница Алисы Аршавиной готовится к романтической поездке с любимым Olga Semenova found happiness. The girl took part in the program “let’s get married” to choose a worthy candidate for the hand and heart. To choose helped her mother.
Соперница Алисы Аршавиной готовится к романтической поездке с любимым

In the beginning of the year between the wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice and Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova serious scandal. Footballer’s wife saw a video Network, where her pious hugging the girl. Alice did not hold back her emotions and started to threaten the girl. Olga decided to defend his good name and turned for help to the Prosecutor. But there she was denied – as recommendations advised her to file a lawsuit in court. Wife Arshavin will avoid criminal punishment

Now Olga has decided to take part in the program “let’s get married” thanks to Larisa Guzeeva, rose Sabitova and Tamara Globe to find a suitable life partner. Initially, the Studio came the girl’s mother Tamara. She told me that she was unhappy with the unpleasant rumors began to spread about her daughter.

Соперница Алисы Аршавиной готовится к романтической поездке с любимым

A little later, appeared 25-the summer girl. Despite the fact that she received her legal education, she works as a fashion model. Semenov is proud to have been able to buy an apartment and car on their own funds, not received as a gift. Also the program is focused on the owner of the luxury of the bath, which maintained the VIP customers.

The girl said that will not suffer man to have long hair and don’t want to associate with the military. She draws attention to the stylishly dressed young men, who, however, prefer to sleep naked.

For seven years she lived with the chosen, but his parents were against their relationship.

“I can’t without crying about it. His mother thought I was not his nationality, he is a Kazakh, and I gagauzko. He hadn’t talked, I learned about it through two or three years. He could be at 12 am to go to mother to buy milk for tea. In two nights could have called to come. He was provided”, – said Olga.

The girl’s mother has said it wants to see provided-in-law to have her grandchildren live in prosperity. In the end, with an enviable bride has come to meet the three men.

38-year-old lawyer Dennis gave the girl a bouquet and the family code, which was 600 rubles. He explained that this amount is sufficient to dissolve the marriage. After the conversation, Olga admitted that she liked the man, but she’s afraid of quarrels, as they are colleagues.

Соперница Алисы Аршавиной готовится к романтической поездке с любимым

The second contender for the hand and heart of a girl, 45-year-old Vladimir immediately warned that it is surrounded by many beautiful girls. His ex-wife was much younger than him, but when he helped her achieve some success, they divorced. Rose Sabitova advised Olga to pay attention to the condition of the bridegroom, because he has an apartment in St. Petersburg, a cottage in the suburbs, a house in Spain and three expensive cars.

Соперница Алисы Аршавиной готовится к романтической поездке с любимым

However, the greatest impression on the girl made a 30-year-old Oleg. In the past he has played professional football, and now entrepreneur. He works for the family business – the production of plums in Moldova.

Under the new rules, if the mother and the bride choose the same groom, they receive a romantic trip to Sochi. Olga and Tamara were unanimous in their decision and gave preference to the 30-year-old Oleg.