The author of the soundtrack of “Attraction” crashed on a motorcycle

Автор саундтрека «Притяжения» разбился на мотоцикле
Novel Bestseller was hurt during the video shooting in Thailand

Novel Bestseller

Photo: Press service

Singer Roman
Bestseller, the interest in which has intensified after the premiere of the film “Gravity”, was injured in a motorcycle accident. It happened in Thailand, where the musician filmed the video for the duet song “tai”. The idea of the Director, Roman needs
was effectively cut tropical road on a rare motorbike. It is for
this reason, at the point of hire, the singer chose a vehicle based on
appearance, and not on technical specifications.

“Bike, of course, was very beautiful — shared
with Roman. — But it is so old that is barely accelerated to thirty miles per hour. I
tried to squeeze out of the engine all what he’s capable of and seem to overcome
the mark 35 on the speedometer…”

At the time of acceleration, the musician lost
control and flew off the motorcycle. “To be honest, still don’t understand how I
broke his neck,” recalls Roman. — Escaped with only bruises and bumps. And
severely injured his hand in the fall I drove a forearm on the pavement, steshaw the skin.” Wound
was so serious that the Novel had to go to the local emergency room,
where doctors sewed up about half an hour her.

Despite the injury, the shooting of the video took place, and
the eighth of March the artist will be able to please the entire female half of the population
romantic clip with scenic shots.