С аукциона продадут первое в истории «голое» платье

The dress in which the actress sang the famous “happy birthday, Mr. President!”, estimated at $ 3 million.

Perhaps this is one of the most talked about dresses of the twentieth century. In this may 19, 1962, Marilyn Monroe came to congratulate you on the 45th anniversary of U.S. President John F. Kennedy at the official ceremony in Madison Square garden. Their romance was not for anybody a secret. Intrigue added that the President’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy on the celebration was not present, and everyone was waiting for: Marilyn will arrange something special…

And she did not disappoint. Monroe came to the microphone in this mind-blowing outfit that the audience gasped. It was an open translucent Nude dress adorned with lots of crystals. So tight to stitch it had on the shape and underwear under it, it wasn’t.

In the same provocative manner and speech were: Marilyn sang the traditional “Happy birthday” with such a gasp that the Newspapers the next day wrote: “the impression Is that it deals with President love in front of 40 million Americans.”

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David John joked that after such a cute greetings to leave policy. And soon, according to rumors, decided to break up with Marilyn. Three months later she died…

In 1999, the infamous dress was already sold under the hammer for $ 1.2 million. According to preliminary estimates, the new auction, which will be held in Los Angeles in November, for it expect to gain $ 3 million. By the way, the most Marilyn, who ordered this outfit from designer Jean Louis, it cost only 12 thousand.

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