На стиле: Канье Уэст пошьет форму для школьников

Husband Kim Kardashian has promised to put American children.

Pop stars, both domestic and foreign, often at the peak of fame are beginning to engage third-party business. They say, my talent does not fit in one area of your life, “the Kingdom is not enough, one can afford”. And begin to open restaurants under its own name, engage in the creation of fragrances and aromas, to produce food and to design clothes. Well, if the ox-eyed blonde creates things like: dresses, buttons, bows. But when a brutal rapper Kanye West threatens to sheathe all American students, it is frightened.

Shape design artist have not yet submitted. It is hoped that there will be no gold chains, jeans with the crotch around the knees and oversized basketball shirts. Spouse Kim Kardashian says that his new business idea is not pursuing the materialistic and high moral purpose. With his project, the artist wants to once and forever put an end to racism in the school environment and class oppression not only in his native Chicago, but all over the world. However, how would he do that with pants and skirts, Kanye said. Moreover, passages West, about equality and friendship of peoples look at least strange after his recent appeal to black models, so they did not come to him for casting. Something you are confused about the testimony, a citizen of the rapper.