The attack on the journalist in a live broadcast caused a scandal in the Network

Нападение на журналиста в прямом эфире вызвало скандал в Сети On Wednesday NTV correspondent Nikita Razvozzhaev suddenly struck 32-year-old Alexander Orlov, in the past an active participant in the movement of football fans. Now the young man is recovering after the incident. The plot of the TV channel has caused active discussion on the Internet.
Нападение на журналиста в прямом эфире вызвало скандал в Сети

August 2 our correspondent Nikita, Leonid Razvozzhayev has been in contact with the audience of the capital’s Gorky Park, where paratroopers celebrated the day of airborne forces. One of the visitors of public space, probably were in a state of alcoholic intoxication, violated live, starting to swear. When a journalist asked him to calm down, he struck the employee of TV channel. Immediately after this an aggressive passer, He threatened. As a result, the stream had to be interrupted.

Currently, the assailant detained and delivered in OVD “Yakimanka”. According to journalists, a 32-year-old man called Alexander Orlov, who has no relation to the “blue berets”. “He has not served in the airborne troops”, – said Nikita, Leonid Razvozzhayev. According to some sources, the bully was in the group of CSKA fans “Yaroslavka”, but was kicked out due to problems with alcohol and inappropriate behavior.

The story of the Federal TV channel provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Many social media users are outraged by the behavior of men, raised his hand to the reporter. They believe he acted inappropriately. Among those who criticized the attacked members of the press, proved to be the blogger Nikolai Sobolev.

“What a shame. When this stupid tradition to get drunk and swim in public places, ducking in boxers in the fountains will finally end?” – he wrote on his page in “Vkontakte”.
Нападение на журналиста в прямом эфире вызвало скандал в Сети

Colleague Nikita Razvozzhaev Abbas Juma admired his behavior on Twitter. “Correspondent done – can take a punch.” he said. In turn, football commentator Victor Gusev called the assailant “a drunken lout” and expressed the hope that the aggressive passer-by “will get what they deserve”.

At the same time, other users of social networks has ironically commented on the story channel.

“We have some problems, we go back to our correspondent when he will escape from the harsh reality”, – said the blogger Michael Kafanov on Twitter.

Other concerned people have made on transfer motifs fotozhaby and kouba. “We are all in this life correspondents of NTV”, “Unique footage: paratrooper shows the journalist his personalized premium watch, and a journalist trying not to stare”, “All Russia in one story,” the “versus battle”, “don’t go, NTV-schnick, on holiday to VDV-schnick”, “Hypnosi a little live”, is discussed on the Internet.

At the moment, Nikita, Leonid Razvozzhayev assesses his condition as normal, although he’s dizzy and aching cheekbones. “In the first seconds I didn’t feel it – probably was a small shock,” – quotes a young man NTV.