Maxim Fadeev was forced to make excuses for the praise Buzova

Максима Фадеева заставили оправдаться за похвалу Бузовой The producer explained, as relates to the work of the presenter. According to Maxim Fadeev, in the entry devoted to the vocals of Olga Buzova, he spoke only about sincerity, not about the musical talent of the artist.
Максима Фадеева заставили оправдаться за похвалу Бузовой

A few days ago in Moscow hosted a concert Europa Plus Live, which was addressed by Olga Buzova. The star sang the song “We be hot” together with Nastya Curls. The girls lit on the stage in bright costumes with fancy pants. Producer Maxim Fadeev could not leave without attention to their room. He posted a video with the performance on the personal page in a social network.

“Once at a press Breakfast Muz-TV I said that I think that Olga Buzova sings sincerely. Came that long-awaited day when on the show Europa Plus Live, I had the opportunity to hear it live. Thank you very much”, – has signed a video Fadeev, putting at the end a smiley face.

Phone the producer began to burst from the phone calls of journalists. Many have tried to find out whether Maxim was like the voice of Olga, who is so often criticized by other musical figures. Fadeev decided to record a new video for fans and media, in which he explained that in a previous post spoke with irony to the aspiring performer.

“I said she sings sincerely, I think so. And how she sings – I would not like to comment on,” – said Maxim.

Subscribers Fadeeva started to discuss his video address. Many thought that the producer pushing Olga, put up a previous post. Some users of the social network noted that Buzova has achieved such heights only because of his hard work, and it is worthy of respect. Glyuk’oza intervened in the conflict Buzova with Loboda

Recall, the creativity of the presenter “House-2” leaves few people indifferent. Many domestic stars spoke about the musical talents of Olga, sometimes using rather harsh language. Buzova pays no attention to the criticism of colleagues, and only sets herself a new goal. This fall, the star is planning a tour which will present the song “Little half”, “Used”, “People of faith”, “Kissing Noises” and many others. Currently Olga is working on recording her first solo album.