The appearance of Ivan Urgant shocked fans

Внешний вид Ивана Урганта шокировал поклонников
Maria Shukshina showed old TV presenter.

Maria Shukshina and Ivan Urgant

Photo: @Instagram shukshina_maria Maria Shukshina

Maria Shukshina recently brutally played Ivan Urgant. The actress showed to users of social networks, how it will look like famous TV presenter in old age. For this purpose Maria processed a photo of the star of the First channel in photoshop. With the help of special programs Maria artificially “aged” by Ivan, and then shown the fans a result.

Shukshin said that “transformed” Urgant in order to amuse fans. However, she wanted to do the same “trick” with his image, but to do this failed. “I really hope that Ivan will bear with me. I honestly tried to transform themselves, but the program chose only the van!” — commented on the publication of Maria.

“Ivan al Pacino was like”, “Poor Ivan… I Run his life”, “God, what’s with the stars? In old age will be a copy of his dad”, “that’s what TV does to people”, — commented on the appearance of Ivan fans. Ivan until the publication of Mary did not react, but it is possible that he is already thinking about “sweet” revenge. Because Urgant and he loves to make fun of colleagues in show business.