Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя» The actress shared intimate thoughts with “StarHit”. Kristina Si told about how to cope with its own popularity, with fans and open up about dreams for the future.
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»

26-year-old singer Kristina Si announced himself to the whole country after the release of the song “Well well” in 2013. The artist immediately fell in love with the young with the daring performance style and vivid image. She then recorded a duet with Timati “Look.” Over time, her songs became hits, and the two began to gain huge popularity. Now her life is watching more than two million followers on Instagram.

We met Kristina Si in Novosibirsk, where she gave concerts as a guest on KFC Battle, the festival of sport and music, which in the city Day gathered 30 thousand people. In an interview with the girl told about their Hobbies, solved the mystery of personal life and shared plans for the future.

Now you’re a popular singer, you get to know people. There are moments when you get tired of fame?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Of course, it happens. Even myself get tired! In these moments I want to shut down. It seems to me that creative people take everything to heart, and some words hurt. That now want from the popular person – to take a picture, but to discuss, and human qualities are very often not taken into account. Try not to concentrate on it – I’m popular or not popular, importantly, enjoy what you do. —
I understand you are sensitive about criticism? I noticed that you disable the ability to comment on photos in Instagram, although to me they seem quite neutral…
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Still educate yourself the ability not to take into account any nasty comments to me they did not touch. I understand that it is impossible to be all good, beautiful, and talented. They don’t owe me, I don’t have them. However, sometimes my some inner demons start to Wake up when they see something unpleasant. Of course, do not always have time to read everything that appears in my account, but when I have time, of course, looking. There are people whose comments fall into my soul, and I celebrate them. Here somehow so it turns out.—
Surely you can write young people, call for dates. Did you answer someone back?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»No, I don’t know, it’s not about me! And Dating acquainted through the Internet, is pretty dangerous! Don’t know what kind of person will be in front of you.
Well, and then where you can get to know the young man?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Perhaps through friends, or what will be the circumstances.—
So you believe in chance that, for example, can fall in love at first sight?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Yes, I do. I think your man or not, you understand at first sight.

What qualities do you appreciate in men?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»I believe in friendship first and foremost and she may grow to love. And about quality – don’t know, it’s hard to explain, must be understood without words. Of course, the guys need to stay guys, respect the girl. Very easy to calculate a man – just look how he treats woman, no matter yours or not yours. The little things – opens the doors, skips forward. I think these guys still have. Anyway, we meet those who deserve it. I think it’s a law of the Universe – a real woman will find a real man.—
Then who’s your understanding of a real woman?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Yes, now is the time of self-confident, fighting girls, but, despite the fact that I have a bold song, it’s all a joke, and in my heart I’m different. I think the woman should stay home, supple and wise. However, nobody forbids to do what you love, to achieve success in your career. It is on the contrary, inspires of the meeting when everyone is busy with their work, the conversation is much more interesting. —
But you are already dreaming?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Of course, every girl dreams of a child, I want a daughter! But while I understand that she has not grown. My younger sister recently became a mother and now we’re Babysitting my godson, son, so to speak. We still have enough of it for the whole family!

In the clip, “You will not hurt”, which was released recently, you have changed. You really have changed or is it just faces?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»I’m just looking for themselves so far. This song is a real story from the past, I lived it. Don’t want to talk about it, too personal experiences. —
And what image do you prefer?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»Each time I am different, all depends on my mood. It seems to me that you should never stay on one thing to develop.
Now many celebrities create blogs, have you thought about this?
Kristina Si: «Я все еще ищу себя»It should be a good, maybe a little later. It’s just so weird to constantly walk with a camera though and so I go, but it must be done properly, I think. If I was shooting, it would be by far the most hilarious blog, because to me there is something unusual. Favorite bloggers there, sometimes looking at Claudia Coca, if I find the time, I love how she immediately turns on when there is a camera. —
The artists often don’t have time even on vacation, how do you restore power?
Of course, for me important sleep, communication with friends. Love to travel, if you are able to access the concerts, all great. Recently was at a performance by Drake. On the beach, like to relax, planning in August to go somewhere. Now I read a lot, watch movies. Cinema is my passion after music. Not call any one a favorite, but from what I recently liked series “Mozart in the jungle”, about the new York Symphony orchestra. And major films will highlight is probably “the Godfather”.