Американка, победившая анорексию, пропагандирует любовь к себе

Now you’ve seen it all: the world’s only woman who likes her fat folds at the waist and cellulite on the priest. Megan Jane Crabbe, who managed to beat anorexia, opposes the use of filters in Instagram and encourages you to love yourself as you are.

Американка, победившая анорексию, пропагандирует любовь к себе
“We have forgotten how to look like a normal body. The present is raw, filter, natural, REAL. The body from any angle, not necessarily the ideal. Our stereotypes about bodies are so deformed that most of us would praise the girl on the left, and condemned the girl on the right, not realizing that it is one and the same person. I’ve been walking and have come to love my body, and I will not allow the world to see my unique features of shortcomings. This is my message to all – you deserve to love yourself from any angle, you are beautiful anyway” — posted by Meghan under the photo, where she is shown during his illness and now.

Американка, победившая анорексию, пропагандирует любовь к себе
Anorexia girl was diagnosed when she was 14 years old.
“Then I weighed 65 pounds (29 kilograms – approx. ed.) and took pee through a tube. I was in a crazy closed world of calorie counting and physical dependence” — said the girl.

At sixteen, she got rid of his illness, but it took her a few years to love yourself and your body. Helped her in this community in the social network, which promoted an uncompromising love of self.
“I didn’t know that there is an alternative to hungry diets and self-loathing” — said Megan. Today, however, she advises people with the same problem, which was with her.

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