Become aware of the income amber heard

Стали известны доходы Эмбер Херд

Divorce Hollywood couple amber heard and johnny Depp, not descending from the front pages of the tabloids for a week, could be the basis of a Thriller. We previously reported that the actress was going to sue the famous and successful husband, penthouse, car and twenty million dollars. In addition, the woman requires the court to order johnny to pay her monthly 50 thousand dollars. A few hours ago it became known the income and expenses of ember over the past year, of which becomes clear its large appetites.

Spender heard over the past year has earned 259 thousand dollars, of which brought home only 51 thousands. For the film “the Girl” amber got 31.112 dollars, 45314 dollars for his role in the film “Paranoia”, another 65 thousand for his role in “Magic Mike XXL”. The remaining 120 thousand for a contract with Tiffany & Co, Bulgari and 50 thousand. Of course, after payments to agent in the amount of 35 thousand, health insurance and other costs, its profit in its pure form became less.
In documents filed in court, amber explained the amount of 50 thousand, which is claimed after the divorce. Monthly costs herd consists of 10 thousand – rent housing, 3 thousand health insurance, 2 thousand – for organic vegetables, 2 thousands on dinners in restaurants, 2 thousands on clothing, 10 thousand in entertainment and leisure, and 10 thousand – for the maintenance of the animals, paying the vet. Together with other small cost every month amber spends over 43 thousand dollars, because the sum of 50 thousand considers sufficient.
Recall that the actress filed for divorce after fifteen months of marriage, 23 may, 27 it demanded the court ban on approaching her, arguing that johnny raised a hand to her. In her statement, she accused Depp into alcoholism, drug addiction, paranoia and permanent emotional and physical violence. It is noteworthy that the militiamen who have arrived on a call, did not notice the traces of beatings, which insists that amber and johnny’s friend, who was present during their argument, insists that the star of “pirates of the Caribbean” did not raise his hand to his wife. Friends and acquaintances of Depp and his children and former civil wife Vanessa Paradis are sure that amber just wants to capitalize on a successful spouse.

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