Актёр сериала «Щит» сознался в убийстве жены

Actor Michael Jace, star of the TV series “the Shield” (“The Shield”) has confessed to the murder of the second degree. The actor shot his wife April Jace in 2014 during a family quarrel.

In the trial, which took place a few hours ago in Los Angeles, Michael admitted that he only wanted to scare his wife, who threatened him with a divorce and shoot her in the leg. But it turned out that he twice injured her leg and killed her shot in the back. Atrelease factor was that two sons of the spouses at that time was in the house.
Seeing what you’ve done, Michael called his wife’s parents, and they have called 911. Jace did not think to deny it. Despite the remorse, the man faces forty years in prison. The latest hearing will take place on 10 June.

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