Предполагаемый сын Муслима Магомаева нашел родных после ДНК-теста Yelena Katkov says that gave birth to a boy from Muslim Magomayev. The woman didn’t believe the first examination and turned on the TV to prove that her Andrew, the illegitimate son of the singer. The second test that was negative, Andrey Katkov found real father.
Предполагаемый сын Муслима Магомаева нашел родных после ДНК-теста

In late may, a woman named Elena Katkova said that 27 years ago she gave birth to a son Andrei from the famous Soviet singer Muslim Magomayev. She also claimed that worked as a personal photographer, the musician, who died in 2008, not recognizing the boy, his child.

However, the alleged relatives received the results of the DNA test, which compared the genetic material of the Andrew data Magomayev nephew George and his son. Then the examination did not give a clear answer. Now, Elena decided to call the program “actually” again to convince the audience – a young musician is the successor of the famous artist.

The illegitimate son of Muslim Magomayev received DNA test

Elena has admitted that he was not a professional photographer, but, in her opinion, Muslim Magomayev was not paying attention to it – for him it was important that she was next to him on the road. Katkov did not hesitate to recall the important point of the secret relationship: an intimate relationship took place with the witnesses, in the night, when their friend was in the apartment.

Предполагаемый сын Муслима Магомаева нашел родных после ДНК-теста

Andrei himself admitted that he is not looking for a loud name, and he’s only important to know who actually is his father. On the question of the examiner if he is using the name of a famous artist for his own promotion, the young actor answered in the negative, however, the detector showed that the man was lying.

Предполагаемый сын Муслима Магомаева нашел родных после ДНК-теста

As a child, Andrew thought his father Vladimir Katkov — the photographer, whose name he bears. Elena said that she met with a man thanks to the common passion. Despite the married status, Vladimir had her attentions, and later even divorced with his wife. However, the new family life did not work, and after a year of living together with Elena, he went back to his ex-wife.

According to experts, Vladimir is the real father of Andrew. To verify this for the program came and Katkov’s son from his first marriage.

“The results of the DNA examination carried out between Cyril Katkov and Andrey Katkov, the probability that you are brothers of 99.9%,” said presenter Dmitry Shepelev.
Предполагаемый сын Муслима Магомаева нашел родных после ДНК-теста

However, the mother of Andrew continues to insist — she doesn’t believe in what the experts say. “It’s DNA replaced!” — said Elena.

Check words female decided on the lie detector. To the question whether she was the photographer of Muslim Magomayev and joined him in an intimate relationship, Katkov answered positively. However, the polygraph showed that she was lying.