17-the summer daughter Alexander Malinin boasted ornament for 400 thousand rubles

17-летняя дочь Александра Малинина похвасталась украшением за 400 тысяч рублей Daughter of Alexander Malinin showed the fans a gorgeous gift from my parents. Pendant and chain of the famous brand of star couple cost about 400 thousand rubles. So the singer and his wife decided to reward the young heiress for a good education.
17-летняя дочь Александра Малинина похвасталась украшением за 400 тысяч рублей

Alexander Malinin — the father of a large. The singer has four children from three wives, but most attention goes to younger heirs, a 17-year-old twins to Frol and Ustinja. The daughter is the main joy of the famous singer of ballads. The fact that she not only studies well but also sings beautifully, and regularly speaking with my dad on one stage.

Recently Ustinja boasted on Instagram a gorgeous gift that made her famous parents. Pendant in the form of a key on a chain from a known brand costs about 400 thousand rubles.

“A gift from the parents for the successful completion of the tenth grade. Thank you for the pleasant surprise,” said the girl.
17-летняя дочь Александра Малинина похвасталась украшением за 400 тысяч рублей

Ustinja was clearly delighted with the gift from the parents, and her fans an expensive gift is not indifferent. However, there were those who condemned Malinina for different attitudes to their children. The fact that 32-year-old Kyra, the daughter of singer Olga Zarubina, the musician refuses to communicate.

Alexander Malinin has filed a lawsuit against ex-wife

Moreover, a few months ago he filed a claim on one million roubles to the former wife, accusing her of trying to tarnish his honor and dignity. Now the eldest daughter of an artist living abroad and, according to rumors, needs the help of a psychiatrist, because recently she tried to commit suicide. However, problems 32-year-old Kira obviously do not care singer of ballads.

But the 17-year-old Ustinja on the contrary is literally awash in the attention of his father. She often buys branded stuff, travelling and playing creativity. She recently presented a song for the world Cup that liked her fans.

He Malinin has repeatedly noted that is proud of the achievements of her daughter. According to the artist, Ustinya has all the chances to make a career on the stage. Next year she will graduate, and will probably choose a College with a musical twist.

But the girl’s mother a gynecologist Emma Malinin still hopes that Ustinya, as her brother Frol, wakes up an interest in medicine. Anyway, to doubt the bright future of the younger children of the star father is not necessary.