Актер из сериала «Склифосовский» Олег Граф умер от рака Before it became known that the actor passed away at the age of 49 years. According to preliminary data, Oleh Earl died from cancer. The artist hid from colleagues terrible disease for a year and a half.
Актер из сериала «Склифосовский» Олег Граф умер от рака

About Aleh’s death Count reported by his mother.

The actor became famous after cameo roles in movies and TV series “Sklifosovsky”, “doctors”, “the University: a New dormitory”, “How I became Russian”, “Psihologii”, “the Fifth guard”… the Actor also took to the stage at the Butyrka.

Relatives decided to bury Oleg Dolgoprudny cemetery in the suburbs.

According to media reports, Earl died from cancer. The actor was fighting cancer for about a year and a half. On personal pages in social networks Oleg announced that he was sick. In addition, last summer the Count has published an article in which he speculated as to why he can’t get roles in movies. To record the actor attached a video sample of Vladimir Vysotsky.

“We often itself korima, was at the casting, like, everything did fine and the role is wide… Yes, we are imperfect, but doubly insulting when stunning, brilliant, indispensable actors, too, was left without a role and was terribly worried… failure is not Vysotsky?” – rhetorically asks Oleg.
Актер из сериала «Склифосовский» Олег Граф умер от ракаOleg Graf was born 2 July 1968 in Moscow. In 1991, the artist has graduated from the theatrical Studio at the Crimean theater of drama and musical Comedy. And in 2014 the Count completed training to CIC at the Department of directing and acting. Earl was a member of the Guild of actors of cinema of Russia. The artist also successfully passed the Higher courses of scriptwriters and film Directors. Each actor Robert Fishman was shocked by the news of the death of the Count. He talked to Oleg a few days ago.”Today was not the Oleg Graph, left, Oleg Tabakov, Oleg Count now! Of course, this is a different value and compare them, no way, but to each their own criteria, their likes and whatnot of my own! Oleg Graf was very cheerful, very positive, very loyal friend, fellow actor! I talked to him a few days ago. There were no signs of such an outcome! He was calm, as always, advised to take care of yourself. We agreed to meet. If we are not filming, the casting! Ah, Michiel, Michiel, 49 years old….Light and eternal memory! Sleep well! Remember and shut up…” – posted by Fishman on the personal page.

Artists often conceal diseases from fans and colleagues. At the end of December last year, died suddenly husband of Anna Ardovs actor Aleksandr Shavrin. Artist several years led the fight against cancer. Despite his illness, he was an active worked in the Mayakovsky theater, and also starred in famous films and television series. Shavrin passed away at the age of 57 years.

Died husband of Anna Ardovs

A few months before the death of the famous wife Anna Ardova divorced Alexander. The son left to live with his father. Many fans of the star couple believed that the heir was left with dad to help him. The news of the death of Alexander came as a shock to many of his colleagues. Shavrin has played over 60 roles in movies. The most notable of his reincarnations of steel roles in the movie “Driver for Vera” and in the TV series “Sklifosovsky” and “Poor Nastya”.