Певица МакSим снова выходит замуж?
In the life of 34-year-old singer was a pleasant change.

Певица МакSим снова выходит замуж?


Recently it became known that Mack had reunited with her first husband and father
the eldest daughter of Alexei Lugovtsova.

As it turned out, the singer and her former
beloved once again behave as a couple. However, it was reported that so far only
on the set. The artist invited the father of his eldest daughter Alexandra
to become the protagonist in her new video for the song “Fool”. Shots from filming
the performer and shared with his fans in social networks. By the way, the clip will be
included a sex scene between the divorced spouses.

Mack did not deny that between her and
spouse could re-ignite the passion. But direct evidence
renewed the novel is not given. “I can’t tell yet. It’s a secret… video
we’re playing ourselves. We have with Alex now a great relationship. They are not always
were. But I’m glad we managed to overcome all difficulties. Therefore, it is
this kind of clip-reconciliation!” — told the star.

later it turned out that Mack
reunited with former lover not only for the sake of the clip: they do
together again. Moreover, on the ring finger of her right hand shone
ring. The photo with the new decoration, the artist has shared in his microblog.
However, under the photo of Mack made reference to the famous Russian jewelry
brand, but if it’s just advertising, it could wear the ring on the other
finger or your other hand.

Maksim with her husband Alex

Photo: Instagram