Супруга Вадима Андреева спасла его от алкоголизма The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” Boris Korzenkova. Andreev has told how he almost died because of addiction. In his youth, the actor often drank in the company of colleagues, until he had serious health problems.
Супруга Вадима Андреева спасла его от алкоголизма

Vadim Andreev for the first time described how for several years suffered from alcoholism. The actor was addicted to alcohol in his youth, during a tour, after the resounding success of the film “troublemaker”. According to him, almost all actors were this pernicious habit. Andreev admitted if not the favorite wife Galina, he would be completely drunk. The woman found a way to help famous husband.

“Sometimes I told him what these guys are peddling. They were from a cold, but said: “Drink – seeing spots. You’ll feel bad!” Ordinary vitamins at the time was bright pink. And he was frightened and did not drink… Vadim is very suggestible people. When we were in the company of friends, he was the funniest, albeit without the alcohol,” – said Galina Andreeva.
Супруга Вадима Андреева спасла его от алкоголизма

The actor confirmed his wife’s words. Andreev is confident that in 20 years led Galina to the Registrar. Couple together for 40 years. And in the 36th year of living together the couple decided to get married. “Exactly. Twisting the head all the events. You know, life is all so wisely arranged. I should have married earlier,” said the artist. In marriage, the actor had a son Andrew. In the program “the Destiny of man” Andreyev said that he would like more children but the wife could no longer give birth. Also Vadim shared another family secret. The mother of the artist died because of that… also addicted to alcohol.

“Mom and dad… they Have a tragic fate. I remember they divorced when I was 18 years old. My mother had a second marriage that failed. He was struck down… This is typical of some women to keep her husband, have a drink with him. She married, gave birth to a son, I have begotten brother. Dad also got married, had a daughter, my sister. Mom tried to keep the second marriage a stupid way…” – said Andreev.

Vadim grieved at the death of his mother. The actor said that after her rethink a lot of things. “Now, the General attitude towards the death of another. My wife even has a place on a cemetery. The attitude towards death in our family, Christian, Orthodox,” said Vadim.

Also, the actor confessed that he several times walked away from the couple. According to him, in the middle of 90-ies it was difficult to find work, there were quarrels. “It would be funny if it were not for the conflict. I went to the free swimming for some time, we had to live separately. Of course, then it was hard to return home to get over stupid pride, pride…” – said Andreev.

Despite the breakup, Vadim kept faithful to his wife and soon returned to Galina.