«Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе There was a time when millions knew their work by heart, but over time, these celebrities have faded into the background. However, because of certain circumstances their names again attracted the attention of the public. “StarHit” collected stories of the artists whose names went back on the front pages of Newspapers.

      «Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе

      Many stars that were popular in the 90s, disappeared from sight after shot with their hits. For a long period of time, these celebrities didn’t come into the public eye. Once their songs were sung by the whole country, but with time, their fame faded. Recently, however, their names have again become the subject of discussion of many people. “StarHit” recalls artists, loudly reminded of himself.

      Evgeny Osin

      «Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе

      In August last year, the journalists wrote that the performer of the hit “Crying girl in the car” ended up in the hospital with cirrhosis of the liver. However, Evgeny Osin denied this information. He stated that he was on routine examination. However, the problems with alcohol in Aspen really was: a few years ago left him a lovely wife. Ex-lover of the artist took from him the most precious only daughter agniyu. Parting with loved ones was a real shock to Eugene. He fell into a deep depression and told reporters that the heiress doesn’t want to communicate with his own father because of his addiction. The pain star music drowned out hot drinks.

      After some time the situation has changed. Osin told “StarHit” about what is happening in his family. Eugene admitted that has started to limit themselves in alcohol, in order to establish contact with his daughter. A man rarely sees agniyu due to the fact that she lives in a different area, but this does not prevent him to contact the girl by phone and the Internet. Celebrity is proud of the successes of the heiress who enjoys music and writing poetry.

      Star 90s Evgeny Osin: “I’ve stopped drinking and reconciled with his daughter”

      Andrey Gubin

      «Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе

      Singer, a former idol girl’s heart, leads a solitary lifestyle and have long since disappeared from the television screens. Later it turned out that the share Andrei Gubin took many tests. Due to the fact that Andrey Gubin suffering from diseases of neurological nature, he having severe muscle spasms and eye. Therefore, the star of the 90s has stopped public performances and not so often gives interviews as before. In addition, star was hit by the death of his father.

      By his own admission, Gubin was alone and not eager to communicate with other people. The artist says always been shyness and lack of confidence. The one true love of Andrew, the heroine of the video “Lisa”, went to Switzerland and found happiness with another man, becoming a mother of two children.

      Natalia Vetlitskaya

      «Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе

      Eight years ago, the sex symbol of the national stage moved to Spain with her daughter Ulyana. The actress bought a house in Denia. According to Natalia, there prevails peace and quiet. This lacked of Vetlitskaya, tired from the increased attention of the public.

      Despite emigration, the star continues to remind of itself. The singer turned blogger: visit women in the social network Facebook, you can find her remarks on many important topics. So, in may of this year, Saltykov said that the Victory Day can only be happy idiots. In her opinion, to this date, all should mourn. And in another article, Natalia complained about service abroad. “In all the years of traveling and living in Europe, I have never seen anything better Moscow stores” – wrote Vetlitskaya.

      We also recall that two years ago, the actress got into an argument with Joseph Prigozhin. It all started with the fact that Natalia has ridiculed the statement of Valerie in London. Rumors of this reached Prigogine, do not become silent. He accused Saltykov that she is jealous of his wife. The star of the 90s quite sharply said to the producer in social networks.

      “Comrade Prigogine, well, you valeryanochki drink first and take it easy. And then keep your eyes and read the comments to a post… your vehement cries I would not pay attention, if you attack his paranoid rage, do not dropped a phrase. And here I am now wondering: since when is such “all sides” you know me, you’re my kind?” – was indignant Vetlitskaya.

      Irina Saltykova

      Blonde with a gorgeous figure is remembered by many due to the provocative video for the song “Gray eyes” and participation in religious painting of the 90s “Brother-2”. After the premiere of the film by Alexei Balabanov Saltykova even attributed the novel by Sergei Bodrov Jr. But in 2008, Irina Saltykova suddenly disappeared from radar. The star released the album “was not was”… and ceased to delight fans with new songs.

      Irina Saltykova: “a Weak man I don’t need!”

      Last year Saltykov decided to return to the musical Olympus. The actress decided to become a participant of the show “Without a net” and presented the album “Previously unreleased”. In addition, Irene released a video for the song “follow me”. The video Director and stylist of singer Alisher, known for his work with Alla Pugacheva. Fans Saltykova noted that it seemed timeless. According to many, the woman looks just like in the days of the triumph album “Blue eyes” in 1996.

      Alena Apina

      In October 2016, Alena Apina has stunned the public with news about the divorce with her husband Alexander Iratov, with whom she lived for 25 years. From the marriage of a celebrity felt very safe. Alena and her husband raised 14-year-old daughter Ksenia.

      “This period of my life ends. It was very big and for many of you is very beautiful. But life is much wiser than many of us. We with Alexander there are no rival in love and there is no great global causes for this step. It’s just time. Thank you all for your participation and excitement. And try less to discuss it,” wrote Allen in his microblog.

      After parting with her husband the ex-soloist of group “the Combination” went to America, and also announced the release of the video for the song “Proximity”. In a new provocative video celebrity showed their form in the underwear. The producer of the clip became a famous photographer and stylist, Aslan Akhmadov, who collaborated with many stars of show business.

      Tatiana Ovsiyenko

      In 2007, the singer Tatyana Ovsienko lived with businessman Alexander Merkulov. But the wedding with her lover had to be postponed. The man was involved in a sensational case of attempt at the co-owner of the Petersburg oil terminal. Merkulov was under investigation 3.5 years. All this time, Tatiana wore him handouts and worked hard to pay for the services of lawyers. In August of last year Alexander issued a final verdict he will remain in custody until the spring of 2017. Lawyer Merkulov told “StarHit” that the news has crippled artist.

      Tatiana Ovsienko spoke for the first time about the arrest of the beloved

      “Alexander will serve his sentence in Matrosskaya Tishina on a special floor where you are accused of serious crimes. Tatiana attended the court session, upset, unable to hold back the tears. She tries to hold on!” – said the judge Valery Babkovich.

      “Agatha Christie”

      «Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе

      Teen idols of the 90s Gleb and Vadim Samoilov have been feuding over the rights to the song. As it turned out, the iconic team just seemed cohesive. The artists staged a showdown about who can perform “Golden” repertoire “Agatha Christie”. Vadim blamed Gleb in actions of extremist character, and the younger brother demanded to bring against the older criminal case and to forbid him to speak with 172 songs. But the Savelovsky court of Moscow dismissed the claim of one of the Samoilov to another.

      In fact, crises in the team there were before, but so far they never came. A quarrel between brothers Samojlovym was due to different characters. In an interview, Vadim said that Hleb melancholic and prone to rapid expression of emotions. The musician also said that never communicate with relatives.

      Tatiana Bulanova

      «Пропасть или взлет»: как звезды 90-х заставляют вновь говорить о себе

      Last year Tatiana Bulanova taken aback sad news that the star has separated from her husband after 12 years of marriage. About the problems in the family of the actress began to talk for a long time, but the couple tried to keep a happy family. And only in December of 2016 Tatyana finally decided to go with football player Vladislav Radimov. The celebrity has said that is a good friend ex-lover.

      “Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not very, but I am grateful for meeting with you. And know that you are still like family to me and always can count on my help and support in everything!” – wrote Bulanova in social networks.

      Later, the mistress Radimov told the truth about their relationship in the program “live”. Fitness trainer Irina Yakovleva was first told that she had a romantic relationship with the athlete. However, Yakovlev did not consider itself a reason why the marriage broke up Bulanova.

      Tatiana Bulanova afraid to talk to your son about the breakup with her husband

      Is the celebrity later shed light on the reason why I broke up with her husband. In recognition of Tatiana, her marriage with Vladislav has lost its former harmony. The decision to divorce the football player was carefully thought through.

      Margarita Suhankina

      In 2016, the group “Mirage” celebrated its 30th anniversary. But the date was overshadowed by another scandal involving copyright. This time the composer Andrei Letyagin has filed a lawsuit against ex-wife Margarita Suhankina, demanding to forbid her to perform the composition of the team, which became hits. The lawyer of the men told reporters that he wants to put relations with ex-lover in the legal sphere in order to negotiate the use of popular material. In turn, representatives of Shanking talked about the fact that the stars have all the documents required for the concert, including the consent of Lityagina, once sold her the license for a large sum.

      Who is right remains outstanding. However, fans of “Mirage” was used to endless courts and disputes.