Сознавшийся в жестоком убийстве Лоалвы Браз мужчина раскрыл подробности преступления
Police believe the crime was committed out of revenge.

Loalwa, Braz


As to media reports, the police in Brazil have managed to investigate some of the circumstances of death Loalwa Braz. According to the newspaper Globo, the criminals attacked the popular singer had three. Police have arrested one of the alleged killers of the soloist. He was Wales Vieira, who wrote a grateful letter. Two more men are wanted.

Chronicle of death Loalwa, according to the testimony of Vieira looks like he is in the company of two accomplices planned to Rob a small hotel, the owner of which was Braz (ibid., incidentally, she lived). Before Walas worked at the singer, but was fired from the hotel on suspicion of stealing products and household appliances. The offended employee decided to take revenge on Louve, but to kill the star Vieira, according to him, was not planned.

In the day of the robbery Walas and two other men burst into the hotel, taking valuables, among which was the “Golden disc” Braz for the hit “Lambada”, tried to escape from the crime scene. Further to the post fire station received a call about the fire at the hotel. After some time after the fire building, received a second call about a burning car and 800 metres from the hotel. It was there, and had afterwards found the charred body of Braz.

Who set the fire and how Loalwa hit the car, the investigation has not yet been established. However, the incident allegedly found witnesses who claim that the robbers dragged out of the singer from the hotel and pushed into a car.