Этот неловкий момент: о чем пришлось пожалеть оскандалившимся звездам “StarHit” gathered celebrities whose names flashed in the press more often. But not in their creative achievements, and quite other reasons. These public people caught in awkward, strange and dramatic situation, instantly becoming the subject of heated debate.

      Этот неловкий момент: о чем пришлось пожалеть оскандалившимся звездам

      During the new year holidays “StarHit” offers to recall the most memorable events and heroes whose names did not descend from the front pages of Newspapers. Personal life and expression, these characters became the subject of public debate and condemnation. Their controversial actions have sparked controversy and even provoked threats. Someone of the celebrities involved in high-profile history, staged a public showdown with enemies, while others preferred to refrain from any discussion of what happened.

      Olga Buzova
      What is the difference: divorced with Dmitry Tarasov and became a victim of hackers

      According to “Yandex”, Olga Buzova became the top 3 most popular women in the country, second only to Xenia Sobchak. The TV presenter was met by 2017 in a new way – now she’s a striking brunette, and openly admits that she had a reassessment of values. All because of a scandalous divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, deprived the ex-wife gifts, and done a lot of noise hacking mobile phones stars. Then the hackers released personal correspondence and intimate photos and videos of Olga.

      Olga Buzova about breaking up with her husband: “I’m to blame”

      It should be noted that aging celebrities are the envy of even its most ardent haters. Despite everything that was happening to her, Olga continues to show others a wide smile and does not descend to insults ex-wife in an interview with reporters. Instead, His head went to work: she interviewed Michael Fassbender, presented the track “the sounds of kisses” and even as she said the award Fashion TV, started to prepare a solo program.

      Anton Gusev
      What is the difference:the left member of Feofilaktova to Victoria romanet

      Fans of “House-2” have found a marriage Gusev and Feofilaktova perfect. However, the pair seemed to many a model was destined to disintegrate. The news about the divorce of Anton and Eugenia shocked many fans telestroke. After some time it became clear that Gusev found happiness in a relationship with Victoria romanet, and Feofilaktova appeared wealthy admirer, saarepeedi its luxury gifts. Then Victoria began to call the other woman, but the young woman denies such allegations. Beauty said that her affair with Gusev began after he decided to part with his wife.

      Anton Gusev about the ex-wife: “Jack is not created for the family”

      At the moment, the ex-beloved cannot come to consensus on the education of his son Daniel. Anton says that Eugene does not allow him to see the child. However, Feofilaktova other version of the events. According to the stars “House-2”, Gusev himself rarely visits the heir – a maximum of once a week.

      Nastya Kamensky
      What stood out was provoked by rumors about the affair with captain

      The sexy 29-year-old singer Nastya Kamensky – owner of the amazing voice and feminine forms. The performer is the dream of many men. However, as stated by the former PR Manager Potap and Nastya, the star for many years happily in a relationship with a colleague, whose real name is Alexei Potapenko. A woman named Anna claims that all environment artists knows about their affair.

      Themselves Nastya and Alexey prefer to refrain from comments about his personal life. Only at the end of 2016 Potapov made a Frank admission that two years ago he divorced his wife Irina Gorovoy. All this time the rapper was hiding a breakup with his wife. Despite this, Irina and Alex continue to engage in producing activities. They founded the company MOZGI Entertainment produces one “bomb” after another.

      Later, tired of the numerous speculation, Potapenko said that journalists often distort reality. He also said that he will talk about his personal life, but only if you want to.

      Sati Kazanova
      What is the difference: correctly spoke about children with disabilities development

      Speaking at a press conference in his native Nalchik, Sati Kazanova called children with disabilities “slant, curved”. Many users of social networks and colleagues of the star was shocked at her words. The actress hit a perfect storm of criticism. So, the singer Danko, who was forced to fight for the health of his daughter Agatha, said that he interpreted the statement of Casanova as “a slap in the face.” In the hearts of the actor wished her to “burn in hell”.

      After some time, Sati had to publicly admit his mistake. In an interview with “StarHit” Casanova said about the fact that Danko has brought personal apologies.

      “I’m sorry that it happened, and about people, children with any disease, I dare not be cynical or cruel to him!.. I’m a member of the Board of Trustees of two funds: with the disease cerebral palsy and rehabilitation of young people with disabilities. I see how hurt my parents, I see it only from the side, kind of work and test they are… please forgive me everyone, not wanting to have offended you!” – talking Casanova.

      What stood out was divorce with Marina Anisina those and and fought for the inheritance of the murdered friend Ludmila Bratash

      The divorce Nikita Dzhigurda has turned into a show in which every day there are new details. The flamboyant showman surpassed himself: he claimed to have changed his name, talked about the new beloved-Kabbalist, on the contrary, were strongly opposed to parting with the skater Marina Anisina those. Even fans Dzhigurda confused about where the truth and a lie. Every day it becomes more difficult to delve into the intricacies of plot twists, so expertly twisted man.

      But the history of divorce scandals associated with the name Dzhigurda does not end here. In 2016, the showman has long sparred with the sister of the deceased businesswoman Ludmila Bratash. Svetlana Romanova accused him of the rape of his cousin. After in a Network there was video on which a showman makes love to Bratash, located in a semi-conscious state, Svetlana wrote to the star to the Prosecutor.

      Paulina Andreeva
      What did: had an affair with Fedor Bondarchuk and allegedly ruined his marriage

      Этот неловкий момент: о чем пришлось пожалеть оскандалившимся звездам

      The name of the star of the series “Method” Paulina Andreeva was not involved in high-profile scandals until March 2016. Around that time the press began to circulate rumors that she was the reason why Fedor Bondarchuk divorced his wife Svetlana. The news about the breakup of the star couple, who has lived 25 years in marriage, was a real shock for her fans. It seemed that celebrities are happy together and demonstrate a real family idyll.

      “With love and gratitude to each other, lived together for years, still staying close, maintaining mutual respect and love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce,” – said in an official statement of the ex-lovers.

      At first, Pauline and Theodore did not comment on rumours and prefer to appear at events individually. But that all changed after the “Kinotavr”, held in Sochi in June. Then the Director has officially unveiled their beloved. Originally published Bondarchuk and Andreev made a splash. Lovers do not hide their feelings: they gently embraced and held each other’s hands. Relatives and friends of the couple looking forward to wedding.

      Yevgeny Tsyganov
      What is the difference: attacked the paparazzi

      Этот неловкий момент: о чем пришлось пожалеть оскандалившимся звездам

      In March this year, Yevgeny Tsyganov became a father for the eighth time. Beloved artist, actress Yuliya Snigir, gave him a cute son, who was named Fyodor.

      Celebrities are known for their stealth and extremely negative attitude to the disclosure of the details of his personal life, not willing to talk with reporters on this topic. Come down to the fact that the correspondent of one of the publications was on duty near the house Tsyganov. The star of cinema and theatre, returning together with sweetheart from the hospital, noticed a suspicious car and decided to communicate with the driver. First, Eugene was just talking to an employee of the TV station, and later started up his fists and tried to pull him out of the car. All this time the beloved artist was near him and very worried for the baby.

      Fight Evgeny Tsyganov received an unexpected response

      In the future, according to journalists, Tsyganov and Snigir plan to legalize their relationship. If the wedding of actors occur, it will be one of the most secret events of the year.

      Tatiana Bulanova
      What stood out several times separated from her husband, but eventually divorced

      Rumors that the family of Tatiana Bulanova, not everything went smoothly, went a long time. Sometimes the actress and the football player Vladislav Radimov and added fuel to the fire. For example, in one interview the singer gave a few years ago, she spoke frankly about the difficulties in the relationship with her husband and did not want to share. In 2016 Bulanov spoke about the pain of betrayal. Celebrity published a disturbing post on Instagram. Fans of Tatiana decided that it is her spouse. In conversation with journalists the woman has confirmed that her marriage with Radimov has reached a crisis. However, the actress said the 11-year anniversary together with Vladislav. And two months later it became known about divorce Bulanova.

      Unhappy together: why actually broke up the family Nachalovo, Apinoj and Jolie

      Speaking with reporters one of the publications, Tatyana has told that in its relations with Radimov lost harmony, which was. According to women, sometimes it’s better to leave than to be together and torment each other.

      Alexey Vorobyov
      What is the difference: left finalists show “the Bachelor”

      Alexei Vorobyov became the hero of the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor.” A charming young singer with a beefy torso – the idol of millions of girls ‘ hearts. His video for the song “Crazy” set a record for number of views on YouTube: videos are appreciated more than 119 million times. Schedule an artist is so tight that he hardly finds time for side projects.

      However, Vorobyov agreed to participate in the program of the TNT channel. Alex chose the lady of the heart of several candidates, among whom was a girl in a wheelchair, orphan, and transgender. In the finale of the Bachelor left two women – Yana and Natalia Anosova Garaganova. Despite the rules of the show, the sparrows so anybody and has not stopped. The artist failed to find true love on the project.

      What stood out dealt with Declam and help

      Leap year was marked for the strikers with a series of high-profile showdown with the colleagues on show-to business. First rapper decl insulted on Twitter, calling it a “hairy dick”. Cyril Tolmatsky long endure did not and went to court, demanding that the Rostov rapper million rubles in compensation. The meeting in the case of artists took place in December in one of the courts in a small country Basta. In the end the man had to pay Declo 50 thousand rubles.

      The Network also discussed the conflict Basta and help Pskovian Alexei and Mikhail Pechersky. Star Internet did a mock video that mentioned the mother of the rapper. Vakulenko did not appreciate the joke project “Nimage” and made them a scandal. Basta first announced the hunt for Alexis and Michael, and then started calling them, demanding an apology. But Basil was not enough, so he devoted his offenders multiple esters in “Periscope”. Despite high passions, in the end, the tense situation was resolved by what the parties said in social networks.

      What stood out was drawn into the scandal prostitution

      Anastasia Volochkova for that year, accused that she allegedly provided sexual services for money. The very ballerina these conjectures vehemently denies and says that they spread the envious. The same happened last year. In the Network appeared information about the fact that the woman agreed to spend the night with a fan over a certain amount, a celebrity called slander and appealed to law enforcement bodies with the complaint to the offender.

      Later Volochkova began to pursue a young man named Anton, who strongly suggested her to meet a mysterious wealthy admirer who wanted the stars more than just a dinner. Angered by Anastasia wrote the application in police with the request to understand the situation. According to celebrity, it tried to involve in prostitution, and Anton – a member of a criminal gang.

      Vadim Kazachenko
      What is the difference: left a pregnant wife

      Vadim Kazachenko staged a public showdown with their women. Some viewers compared the passions raging in the family of the artist, “Santa Barbara”. As befits a series, it consisted of several parts, each of which was shaken to its depth and drama.

      First, the pregnant wife of the actor told the entire country that her husband left her. Olga Kozachenko said that Vadim offered her to get an abortion and put on the street. The artist painfully took the words of a former lover he collapsed with a mild heart attack, but, to the great delight of fans, quickly recovered and went on tour. Then a word took the Director of Kozachenko and his civil wife Irina Amanti. She accused Olga of slander and called it inadequate person.

      Vadim Kazachenko about the scandal with his pregnant wife: “When a child is born, I will do a DNA test”

      The culmination of a showdown in the family of the popular performer was meeting his beloved in the program “Let them talk”. The women bickered, and strongly resented the behavior of each other. After the scandalous broadcast of the conflict between Kazachenko and his wife moved to another plane. Olga asked the court to appoint a maintenance for her baby.

      Elina Kamiren
      What stood out was affected by the publication of intimate video and came in representatives of sexual minorities

      The former participant of “House-2” Elina Kamiren became a victim of hackers that hacked into her mobile phone. In the smartphone of a young woman, the attackers discovered an intimate video, which depicted a Nude Elina. The news was a real shock. She turned to the social networking user with a request to remove incriminating material, and then filed in the court on the “House-2”, noting their videos in announcements for new releases of telestroke. In the end program with these frames removed from the airwaves.

      Later in the Internet appeared the provocative music videos of the stars of “Real boys” Vladimir Selivanov with the participation Kamiren. Especially for his young woman tried on the image of representatives of sexual minorities. The plot of the movie Elina, dressed in a provocative outfit indulges in amorous pleasures with another girl. Kamiren was pleased with the cooperation with Selivanov. “Huge work has been done. The video turned out just the fire,” she shared in social networks.

      What is the difference: allegedly stole a man from a family

      The former mentor of “the Voice” prefers to hide Pelagia novels from public attention. Celebrity believes that happiness loves silence and so carefully guards details of his personal life from prying eyes. Only close actress to know about her fascination with hockey player Ivan by Telegony. Lovers do not advertise their relationship, and there was a good reason. When Pelagia began to meet with the athlete, he had a marriage bond. In addition, the man raised the adorable baby Mark, born in February last year.

      Telegin was crazy charming Pelagia, and was separated from his wife. After some time Ivan and the famous singer played the wedding, which invited only the closest people. Later it became known about the pregnancy Pelagia. Planned additions to the family of the actress was the reason she refused to participate in the project “Voice. Children.”

      Marriage brokers: 9 star couples who secretly got married this year

      Due to the fact that Pelagia rarely appears at events, makes public statements and maintains a closed page in Instagram, her fans can only guess about the events in the life of their idol, for example, has a mother or not. So the whole month of December in social networks strongly exaggerated rumors that the singer gave her husband a child.

      Yuri Loza
      What is the difference: discussed and criticized well-known people

      Этот неловкий момент: о чем пришлось пожалеть оскандалившимся звездам

      The last Studio album by Yuri Vine called “Precious places” was released in 2000. But fans aren’t upset, because he found himself in a new profession. The artist became the critic, not afraid to touch on the activities of international celebrities. While the Vine is questioning the cultural value of creativity Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, his fans are happy, they say, we are worse than the West. As it turned out, nothing, because now the name of Yuri and known abroad. Words stars of the Russian show business came to Jimmy Douglas, producer of the legendary groups. He was genuinely outraged by such bold statements to the cult rockers.

      Other “victims” of the Vine became the Minister of the US army Eric fanning, Yevgeny Petrosyan, Zemfira, Sergey Lazarev, Ivan Krasko and his young wife, the coaches show “the Voice” and other famous people. However, sometimes the musician allows himself to Express approval of a particular character or event. So, once he expressed sympathy for angelina Jolie broke up with brad pitt. Vine took pity on the star and called her a poor woman.

      Valery Nikolaev
      What is the difference: staged fights and accidents, unflattering spoke about Edgard Zapadnom

      In 2016, Valery Nikolaev became one of the most talked about actors, but not because of their success. Around the name of the star “birthday Bourgeois” did not abate numerous scandals. Man arranged fights, in every way violated traffic rules and was responsible for the accident, and was serving a sentence in prison. It seemed like in life of Nikolaev came the black strip. To recover mental health, the actor was forced to turn to medical professionals.

      “I’m sorry. For a long time I was in a deep state of stress, suffered from insomnia and nervous tension. In my mind, apparently, messed up the lives of the characters on the screen and real life. And with the role of a normal person I failed,” – said Valery in his video.

      The end of the year was marked by Nikolaev the next scandal. The Director of the Great Moscow circus Edgard Zapashny has addressed in court with the statement on the actor. The famous trainer demanded Valeria the amount of 2.5 million rubles. The reason for the proceedings was the word Nikolayev, said in a broadcast of one of the known programs. The star of “Bourgeois’s birthday” questioned the business reputation of Edgard. “It’s like Zapashny, who feels that there is a smell of alcohol, but something else. He, probably, predators doesn’t feel that he got shot up. And such a stink… the fact that they are poor does not hold the urine. When you go to the circus on Vernadsky, scared,” said the artist.