Скончался звезда индийского кино Ом Пури 66-year-old actor died of a heart attack. One of the famous artists of bollywood Om Puri was found dead on the morning of 6 January at his home in Mumbai. Fans of Indian films will remember him for his roles in the films “disco Dancer”, “With the beloved down the aisle, “Spices and passion” and others.

      Скончался звезда индийского кино Ом Пури

      Sad news came on 6 January from India. In his house in Mumbai was found dead famous bollywood actor Om Puri. Experts have made conclusions about causes of death star of Indian cinema. According to them, 66-year-old actor died of a heart attack.

      Condolences in connection with death of OMA Puri expressed by the Prime Minister of India modi Narenda, public and political figures, friends and colleagues of the actor, and fans around the world. The official Facebook page of Ohm Puri in the social network “Facebook” fans of Indian cinema publish pictures of the actor and stills from movies where he starred. People are shocked by news of the sudden death of beloved artist and mourn his untimely departure.

      “May his soul rest in eternal peace!”, “Just watched one of his movies. A very talented actor. Very sorry to read about his death”, “There are very few actors who enrich the life of the character with his talent and versatility. The role of Ohm Puri was always different from the others. May he rest in peace”, ” the film Industry today has lost a real pearl, but as they say, legends never die. Om Puri will live in his works,” “I will never forget these amazing conversations with you. Your legacy will live forever,” these comments left on the page of OMA Puri admirers of his talent and the people who had the honor to personally know the actor.

      Om Puri born 18 October 1950 in Ambala city in Northern India. His whole life was connected with the cinema. The actor made his debut on the big screen in 1975, almost immediately after graduating from National school of drama and the Indian Institute of film and television in the film “Thief of sight”, and then began acting in popular films, which have won the love of audiences worldwide.

      Fans of Indian cinema Om Puri will be remembered for his roles in such cult films as “disco Dancer”, “With the beloved down the aisle”, “London dreams”, “Spices and passion”. In addition, Om Puri starred in Hollywood.

      The actor many prestigious awards, among them “Silver Lotus”, “crystal star” and the BAFTA award and the prize for best actor at the film festival in Karlovy vary. Also Om Puri received one of the highest civilian honours of India – Padma Shri.