Angelina Jolie for the first time agreed to go back to brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли впервые согласилась пойти на уступку Брэду Питту
In the controversial battle over children, the actor managed to win one round of his wife.

Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt


Angelina Jolie has agreed to the request of brad pitt to keep secret all the information relating to their children. The actor filed a similar claim in the superior court of Los Angeles after the “leak” caused ex-wife information about psychologists, doctors and other details of their children’s lives. Lawyers for Jolie, though admitted that their client is ready to sign all the necessary papers, but stated that this requirement “is truly ridiculous, because all information had previously been securely hidden from the public”. According to them, Angelina and so exhibits extraordinary loyalty to pitt, otherwise, would have long since told “the whole truth about the scandal that happened on the plane.” We are talking about the same ill-fated flight from France to Los Angeles, when pitt supposedly had a nasty incident with his children.

After this, Jolie filed for divorce, and pitt was at the center of an investigation of possible child abuse. However, since then, the actor has officially cleared of all suspicion and charges, so it is not quite clear what you mean lawyers his wife, hinting that she had some dirt on their client, not yet known to the public. Perhaps this refers to that same video about the scandal, which allegedly took their eldest son Maddox, who flatly refuses ever since to communicate with his father.

Angelina is clearly in a good mood, returning from a ski resort in Colorado, where he spent all six kids the Christmas break. They skied, the younger children: Vivienne and Knox, hired instructors. Jolie herself several times with difficulty restrained from falling on the hillside, and according to witnesses felt in the early days not too cheerfully. But the fresh mountain air and the presence of children is gradually raised her up. After going down the slope, she walked around the little town with Shiloh and the twins, bought them ice cream and looked really happy and peaceful.

Unlike pitt, who called these holidays “the most terrible time in my life.” He first was so spent both Christmas and New year. Because Angelina took all the children and left him alone. According to a family friend, brad cries often, and has long ceased to be ashamed of his tears. Very soon he will have his chance in court to get joint custody of the children, but Angelina, apparently, willing to win at any cost. Whether brad to confront her, and what happens in court — the big question yet.