«Спасибо Еве Польне за это счастье»: Денис Клявер рассказал о дочери, которую родила певица Denis Klyaver told about the methods of upbringing of sons and daughters. The singer is proud to be located in a wonderful relationship with all their children, and their mothers.
«Спасибо Еве Польне за это счастье»: Денис Клявер рассказал о дочери, которую родила певица

“I am very nurturing to children tried that every child got the most attention, however, each of my kids by their own mother” — at concerts he likes to joke Denis Klyaver. Indeed, now the artist has two sons and a daughter. Every heir born of different women, and with all the former beloved 43-year-old singer has excellent relations.

“Yes, it so happened that my three children by three different mothers. It happens that you meet your other half and you stay together for the rest of my life. And it so happens that you met a woman, and your with her mission — the birth of the new man. I don’t understand how you can not participate in a child’s life. This is absurd. Son or daughter’s fault that parents are unable to build relationships. You can handle this elementary — the main thing to want. I communicate well not only with children but also with their moms. I see their attitude to the children, and they through my actions understand that the most important thing in life for me — parenting. The task of parents — to be a producer: to identify the child’s talent and then guide him in the right direction, to provide conditions for the development of these abilities,” said the Klyaver in a recent interview.
«Спасибо Еве Польне за это счастье»: Денис Клявер рассказал о дочери, которую родила певица

According to the artist, his heirs grow very fast, and every year they have more to talk about. So, 16-year-old Timothy is now actively looking for a ideal profession, and 13-year-old Evelyn is already showing creativity.

With the girl’s mother Eva Polna Denis had a short-term affair. The artist didn’t immediately publicly acknowledged paternity, but still very happy with the trying to be around a girl as much time. And now Denis is incredibly grateful to eve for what she gave him such happiness.

“Melisa the most creative of all my children. She takes everything close to heart, analyzes — very emotional. Evelinka is sometimes spiky, but rarely neproblemnye. Special thanks to eve for this happiness: to be the girl’s father is such a specific space,” shared the actor.

Klyaver recently published photos of a grown-up daughter, who made a splash. Fans came to the conclusion that Evelyn is incredibly similar to the star mother, but I inherited some of his father’s traits.

Anyway, most of the attention goes to the youngest child of Denis — five-year-old Daniel. The boy is real proud of his star father, and he can talk endlessly.

Now Klyaver sure I found the perfect woman. With his wife Irina together for over ten years. The choice of the artist approves of his desire to communicate and care for children from a previous relationship. Fans do not get tired to wonder how touching and gentle Denis tells about the heirs.

Communicating with Teleprograma.pro artist said that his upbringing and attitude to life is entirely the merit of the parents. The sight of Denis always was the example of father Ilya Oleinikov, who despite the constant employment on the set, was always ready to devote time to his son.