Anatoly Wasserman has become a new

Анатолий Вассерман стал видеоблогером Scrabble has decided to produce his own show on the Internet. Anatoly Wasserman was invited to the Studio rappers to test their intelligence. However, answers to specific questions were not easy for them.
Анатолий Вассерман стал видеоблогером

More famous people are trying to conquer a new audience thanks to unlimited possibilities of the Internet. Repeated winner of intellectual games Anatoly Wasserman also decided to give in to the General enthusiasm and presented his program “brain stem”. In the show he invites celebrities who are trying to correctly answer questions leading.

The Studio is furnished in the form of a ship, which floats in the “ocean of knowledge”. Face in front of each participant and a gun, which in the case of a wrong answer shoots in the face with confetti, feathers or other napolnitelem. The first guests of the program were rappers Pasha Techniques and Thrill Pill.

Анатолий Вассерман стал видеоблогером

For 12 minutes, the audience was able to see the correct answers to specific statements that the guests of the program were to agree or refute. The first subscribers have already appreciated the video and even shared his contradictory impressions.

“I love immoral humor, but belongs to an elderly person is low. Wasserman not some random retired, he deserves respect. I hope this will not happen again”, “Wasserman – this show is an insult to the intelligence, I liked it, but it’s time for you to retire,” “How to degrade to like it?” – wrote the user Network.

For the first time on television Anatoly Wasserman appeared in 1989 in one of the two teams on the intellectual quiz “What? Where? When?” for 15 issues, he became the absolute winner in “jeopardy.”

Now the scholar is 65 but retirement is not what he seeks, and even spoke on the abolition of such thing as cash security for the elderly. Apparently, Anatoly Wasserman made enough money for his life, because he had no one to help – winner of intellectual games was not married, children born out of wedlock had not. However, he admitted that he does not know how to save money – born in a wealthy family and always doing a prestigious job, for which he was paid a good salary. That’s why he used to spend all he gets.