Чем живут «русские русалки» Наталья Ищенко и Светлана Ромашина On the eve of the athletes brought Russia a gold medal at the Olympic games in Rio. Svetlana Romashina and Natalia Ishchenko became the first in the competition duets, ahead of girls from the Chinese national team. “StarHit” decided to find out how they live the Olympic champion, whom everyone called Russian mermaids.

      Russian synchronised swimmers Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina became the first in the duet competition at the Olympic games in Rio. Girls ahead of the Chinese team, athletes won for arbitrary program 98,5333 points and scored a total of 194,9910 points. The victory in this discipline, the Duo joined the team at another Olympic gold medal.

      Natalia and Svetlana became the champion at the Games in Beijing in 2008, and twice in London in 2012. The swim will be a competition in Rio de Janeiro, so they don’t relax. “So we definitely understand that we have another start that in no event it is impossible to throw emotion,” said Ishchenko.

      Her colleague Romashina could not hide emotions after they overtook opponents in the competition duets.

      “We are really happy, insanely happy! These emotions are beyond words! I want to say a huge thank you. It is not only our medal and the overall medal with coaches, fans and the whole country”, – told reporters Svetlana Romashina after announced the results of their performances.

      Natalia and Svetlana receiving congratulations from many fans. People write words of support on the pages of athletes on social networks. “You are clever! Thank you for such a beautiful victory!” “You were the most graceful, and the program looked not just as a set of movements, and how performance, theatre, show! To your level really falls short! No idea how you do it! We are proud of you! Keep it up!”, “There are no words to Express my admiration for your creativity” – such nice comments left subscribers microblogging Champions under the pictures of synchronised swimming with gold medals.

      However it isn’t excluded that for Ishchenko and Romashina, the Olympiad will be the last. According to Svetlana, after 27-30 years in synchronised swimming, there is a “pension”.

      New phase after the Games in London

      Life Natalia Ishchenko has changed after the Olympic games in 2012. After a speech in the capital of the great Britain synchronised swimmer decided to devote himself to the family. In 2013, Natalia and her husband, the champion of diving Sergei Anikin son was born. Most sports experts believe that after this synchronised swimmer will not be able to return to the sport and show excellent results.

      “No need to make a feat that I’m back in the pool — I’m not the only woman who continued to work after childbirth. A firm believer that everything in life can be combined — it would wish. In addition, the family and the child is not a hindrance to his career, but rather the opposite: only easier to achieve when there is a shoulder. I have a loving husband who supports me, a baby for whom you want to reach new heights,” said Ishchenko after returning to the pool.

      Natalia happily married with Sergei for several years. In their family no feeling of envy or competitiveness. A few years ago Anikin has finished career of the jumper and went into business: together with his wife opened a school to train future Champions “START!”. When the spouses manage to find a few free days, they go all together to the journey.”When you come to stay with family, the same places are perceived quite differently,” said Natalia, who has traveled to many countries speaking at the event.

      Ishchenko is not yet thinking of whether to continue to pursue a career in synchronized swimming or completely will devote itself to trainer’s activity.

      Dreams Romashina about family

      The second participant of the duet synchronised swimming, 26-year-old Svetlana is thinking about how to end her career after the games in Rio de Janeiro. She explains the plans that her health is undermined, and to make each time becomes more difficult. However, to fully to say goodbye to water sports Romashina not going to. The last time the girl interested in the frigates and learns to sail. This fascination with the girl, “infecting” her husband Nikolay Zakharov, who not the first year operates the yacht.

      By the way, Svetlana and her partner thinking about how to have a baby. Probably after the games in Rio Romashina decide to go on maternity leave.

      “No kids yet, but I do know that my son will go to hockey. He will go swimming. In hockey and swimming involved different muscle groups, and I wish the child was generally developed. And the girl harder… Maybe give it to the music. But I know for sure if she’ll go for synchronised swimming, it in any case will not train me. Because I am a mother of a terrorist. To drive to serious condition I can not, and sometimes, in professional sports it is necessary”, – told Svetlana about what she sees to her heirs.

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