Звезда «Сладкой жизни» Никита Панфилов готовится к свадьбе The actor proposed to his beloved. At the end of last year, a man was married to the mother of your child, but shortly after breaking up with her found a new love. The girl who will become wife Nikita Panfilov, incredibly happy with it, and therefore never ceases to confess his love on their pages in social networks.

      Звезда «Сладкой жизни» Никита Панфилов готовится к свадьбе

      Star of TV series “Sweet life” and “Poor Nastya” did not remain idle. In November last year it became known that the actor divorced his wife Lada – the pair have a three year old son Dobrynya. Former spouses deleted pictures in social networks and interrupted the conversation. Lada was jealous of Nikita, – said then “StarHit” their friend Natalia. – It is difficult to stay calm when the husband does not allow passage of groupies. It was not as smooth as it looked from the outside. Lada really couldn’t hear him, didn’t want to make concessions”.

      A month after the breakup, 37-year-old Panfilova began to see in society charming brunette. As it turned out, a new love Nikita – 23 year old graduate of medical University of St. Petersburg Ksenia Sokolova. The first weeks of a relationship, the girl flew out of the city on the Neva to her beloved Moscow, but after a couple of months was accompanied Panfilova on the set and even played a cameo role in the TV series “Revenge” together with Nikita.

      The couple travels a lot – for 8 months of the lovers managed to visit Greece, Abkhazia, Kiev, Sochi. The actor even took Xenia to my native Vladimir, where he spent his childhood. The girl in turn introduced the cavalier mom. And a couple weeks ago on the ring finger of the right hand beauty shone Cartier ring. “Our time had begun its course!” commented the new stage in my life Xenia.

      “Yes, they were really getting married,” said the “StarHit” friend Ksenia Marina.
      Звезда «Сладкой жизни» Никита Панфилов готовится к свадьбе

      A week in the family of Xenia and Nikita happened replenishment – actor gave companion puppy Staffordshire Terrier, a dog called Thea.

      By the way, the actor himself about the new novel does not apply. But on the page of his choice and then there are their joint photo and some details of their life together. Apparently. Love really well together, and they slowly become a real family. Speaking about the main man in her life, Ksenia Sokolova emphasizes that never before she did not want to share with others your feelings.

      “Thank you for these wonderful six months… Thanks for the love, care, affection and respect For me… proud to be your woman…for the First time in so long, I want to share this feeling. Love, be loved and take care of those around you,” wrote the wife of actor.

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