Темникова борется с Панайотовым за право выступить на «Евровидении» Russia has already put forward six candidates. Internet users are actively discussing performers who can go to music competition. The candidate from our country will perform in the first half of the second semi-final which will take place may 11 in Kiev.

      On the eve of Ukraine unveiled the logo of the musical contest “Eurovision”. The symbol of the competition in 2017, was a female ornament called namysto. The event will be held under the slogan “Glory to diversity.” The participating countries have already started discussing prospective candidates, who will compete for a place in the final.

      On the official website of the competition on the social network appeared the short list of applicants from Russia. The list includes six players who can get a chance to represent our country in a music competition.

      One of the most talked about candidates became the finalist of “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov. Many believe that the young man will be able to represent the country in international competition. However, the winner of the show “First channel” Daria Antonyuk also claims a place on the stage. The winner of “the Voice” told about the special relationship with panajotovym

      Two of the popular singer, Jane Elena Temnikova, also included in the shortlist of candidates. Ex-member of the group SEREBRO turned out to be a leader in the voices of users in social networks. Fan-groups artist has launched a flashmob with the hashtag #Temnikova. In 2007, the women’s team of Lena appeared at the scene of the international music competition. SEREBRO finished third in Helsinki.

      Unexpected Challenger was the team of CLASSIC Turkish. Talented girls from the band has already gained recognition among the public. They participated in major festivals and concerts.

      Fans of the international music competition looking forward to the speeches of the candidate from our country may 11 in Kiev. Despite the interest in the contest in social networks, the final decision about the participant from Russia at the “Eurovision-2017” will be for the organizing Committee. The name of the bidder will announce before March 10.