Девушка экс-владельца Soho Rooms молит о помощи Maria began fundraising, but it has nothing to do with the funeral of her ex-lover. In this regard, some social media users suspected the darling of Sergei Tkachenko fraud. Mary herself prefers not to comment on the charges of subscribers.

      Девушка экс-владельца Soho Rooms молит о помощи

      On Sunday, Sergey Tkachenko, who was one of the founders of the Soho Rooms club fell out of the window. It happened after the man quarreled with his girlfriend Maria. She recently published a post on social networks, which announced the fundraiser. Followers of Mary asked for what purpose she asks for money. “I need help” – said fiancee Tkachenko. Details she did not specify.

      Relatives of Sergey Tkachenko clarify the circumstances of his death

      After some time one of his former colleagues Sergey, restaurateur Artem Zvezdinsky, announced that a fundraiser Mary has no relation to the funeral of the deceased. The man also provided the data account of the wife’s closest friend Tkachenko, which is organizing the ceremony.

      Meanwhile, many members accused Mary of incorrect behavior. They also share with the girl contacts friends psychologists who can help her. She beloved Tkachenko did not respond to the questions and assumptions of social network users. Some of them did and decided that the Mary page was hacked, they say that the posts she wrote someone else.

      Девушка экс-владельца Soho Rooms молит о помощи

      Earlier, Mary, who met with the deceased businessman, changed the status on the page in one of social networks. She said she was married to Tkachenko. In this regard, the number of followers the girls decided that the way she expressed her emotions after the tragedy. Apparently, Maria is extremely hard going through the sudden death of a loved one.

      Later Artem Zvezdinsky announced the date of the funeral of a friend, it will happen on 1 February. First, all those wishing to say goodbye meet me in the Temple of the Mother of God “Joy of All who sorrow”, the procession then goes to the Shcherbinsky cemetery. This evening will be a commemoration of the entrepreneur, they will be in one of the restaurants in the centre of Moscow.

      We will remind that Sergey Tkachenko, widely known in the club industry under the pseudonym Jeff, died on January 29. The tragedy occurred near the house of male, located on Shmitovsky. The businessman fell from the 17th floor in front of his girlfriend. The Network has a video, which depicted the last moments of his life. In this video you can see how Sergey at first trying to hold on to the ledge, and then slides off the ledge and coming down quickly. Close Tkachenko said that he was not strong enough to climb in the window.