Son of Alexander Malinin fascinated by a young foreign woman

Сын Александра Малинина очарован юной иностранкой 16-year-old Frol crazy about his girlfriend. The teenager mutual sympathy: the girl confessed her love for him. About the darling of the young artist knows that she lives in Germany and enjoys shooting videos.

      16-year-old Frol Malinin lives in three countries. Teenager often goes to Germany and Italy, but never forgetting his native Russia. Apparently, during one of these trips Frol met 14-year-old resident of Germany and Johanna Seifert. As we learned from social networking, young people have an affair.

      On one of recent photos the young man was captured along with his chosen. “I love you, my lion King” – with these words, Joanna turned to the second half. It should be noted that Frol is also very touching calls the beloved. “My dear,” wrote the son of a famous singer in the comments to the publication. The words of Frol left no doubt that he is in a relationship with Joanna.

      It is worth noting that the girl Malinin – creative nature. That’s probably why she easily managed to find a common language with the son of the popular artist who enjoys art. Joanna Seifert regularly records videos and publishes them on the web under the pseudonym of Jo-Jo. By the way, that so called girl friends.

      Recall that Frol enjoys drawing and posting photos of their works online. The young talent has already held its first exhibition. His mother Emma told reporters that the boy preferred to solid works and loves to work with spray paint cans and acrylic. Familiar artists frola in awe of his work. They believe that young men have great potential.

      In recognition Malinin, he was fascinated by the creativity in adolescence. “The canvases and the paint literally captivated me, and I realized his passion for painting swallowed me whole”, – says the young artist. Parents try to support his hobby.

      “At the age of 12 I began to study everything related to drawing. Then I had my own Studio, to begin to embody the received knowledge in life. Thanks to my parents for being so serious about my passion. Now the Studio is my home, where I spend all my free time. If you need to find me, look in the shop – can’t go wrong!” writes Frol on your website.

      Malinin also said that inspired by the world around them. “Everything that makes me experience emotions, to feel all this is the source for new ideas. And, of course, visiting exhibitions,” said Frol.