Тейлор Свифт хочет возобновить роман с Джейком Джилленхолом

Roman Taylor swift and Jake Gyllenhaal started in 2010, the year after the girl broke up with the star of “Twilight” Taylor Lautner. At first, swift and Gyllenhaal were trying to hide their relationship, but they did not succeed and found out about the novel celebrities. Lovers is not embarrassed by the age difference (older than Jack Taylor for 9 years), but, unfortunately, their relationship ended after three months as rapidly as it had begun.

Close to the singer source said that the breakup with Gyllenhaal came as a real shock and emotional shock for Taylor. When I first met with the actor, swift was a virgin. She had her morals, she was saving herself for marriage. But Jake is convinced the singer to the seriousness of their feelings and intentions, and the girl surrendered.

In 2010, the year swift was celebrating his 21st birthday. The girl threw a party at his parents ‘ house in Nashville, where, of course, was invited and Jake, but the actor at the festival did not appear. “On the eve of the celebration everything was great, but the feast day of Dillehay was no calls, no messages,” — said close to the singer informant.

For swift this attitude her boyfriend was a real shock, but she found where to put my emotions and wrote a new album, which was permeated with grief and disappointment. The album “RED” was released in the 2012th year. The singer comments on his name: “the Different emotions that are written this album mainly characterize the tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships I went through over the past two years. All these emotions — ranging from intense love, strong frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of them — in my perception — the red… In these emotions there is nothing beige”.

The album was highly successful, and the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (we never gonna be together) subsequently took first place in the hit parade Billboard Hot 100.

Now, swift and Gyllenhaal thinking about the revival of his feelings. A few months later, after swift broke up with Tom Hiddleston, she remembered about the man who broke her heart.

The source magazine OK! Says Taylor recently met Jake, and she woke up again the old feelings: “Taylor was so young for a serious relationship. Now the situation is completely different. She can’t wait to show Jake how to have changed and I can’t wait to see where this can lead”.