Михаила Пореченкова спас экстрасенс
Actor Sergey Gubanov showed miracles of foresight.

Sergey Gubanov saved Mikhail Porechenkov

Photo: Press service

On the set of the new series of the First channel “the fortune Teller” is a psychic
abilities woke up from one of the main roles of the actor Sergei
Gubanova. Sharpened intuition saved Mikhail Porechenkov from injury!

A film crew was struck by the case during a break, the whole team gathered at
lunch, everyone is seated based on availability. Included Porechenkova Gubanov
asked to switch to another place. The vacant chair party
crew. Less than a minute later the chair broke and collapsed
in half! The administrator fell to the floor, badly hitting his head…. And for Sergey
after this incident, has the nickname of the Fortuneteller.

In the story, Gubanov plays the chief of police, whose team opens
the crimes of the “classic” ways, while his colleague performed
Mikhail Porechenkov has taken the state a fortune teller! And if the series of events anticipates
professional, in reality on the set did Gubanov. It
faster all found lost things, and even guess what will be fed.