Брэд Питт надеется восстановить дружеское общение с Джорджем Клуни

Friendship in Hollywood is quite rare. Competition is able to break even the closest people. Because of the fact that brad pitt and George Clooney for many years maintained good relations, was the exception rather than the rule. But in the friendly relations of these men interfered with women: Angelina Jolie couldn’t stand Clooney and his new fiancee Amal. Angelina is so strongly influenced by his wife that he was not even present at one of the most important events in life – his wedding.

While Angelina was with pitt, she was the boss in the house and in fact chose with whom they communicate. Now, when brad five minutes to free the man, he wants to restore that fellowship which he had with Clooney.

Writes Life & Style Weekly, the reason for the poor relationship of brad and George lay in Jolie dislike Amal.

“Angie couldn’t stand Amal, says the informant. Not because Amal was angry or rude, but just because Jolie was a negative attitude towards it.”

“Amal is educated, she has a good reputation, she is a master of his craft. At that time, as angelina continues to say that she was just an actress, despite what she does in addition to his profession, “added the source.

“Of course, take time to pitt and Clooney have again started to chat as before. Pitt really hurt his friend. But George realizes that brad could not stand against a woman was married. It was all too hard,” — concluded the informant.