Meghan Markle wrote an essay about the intimate women’s issues in third world countries

Меган Маркл написала эссе об интимных женских проблемах в странах третьего мира

Beloved Prince Harry Meghan Markle gradually attached to social activities, which deals with the entire Royal family. Markle, who is still the star of the show “Majors, recently took part in the discussion of problems faced by women in third world countries.

International women’s day for Time magazine, the actress wrote an essay, titled “How menstruation limits our opportunities.” The material Megan expressed their anger about the stigma of menstruation in the female society in African countries, especially in India and Iran.

Markle said that she recently visited new Delhi and Mumbai with World Vision, where she met with girls and women who society makes you ashamed of menstruation. Because of this relationship to the ordinary physiological process, girls are forced to miss school, which suffer as their education is: “When a girl misses school because of menstruation, she lags behind her classmates, on average 145 days per year. Girls in India, and so hard enough to learn in school, and due to the lack of basic sanitary and hygienic conditions, because of the stigma surrounding menstruation, and they may eventually leave her. Thus to break the vicious circle of poverty and become full members of society who could contribute to its economic growth is simply impossible”,— concluded the actress.

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