Тейлор Свифт закрутила роман с будущим Джеймсом  Бондом!
The singer has a seventh boyfriend in seven years.

Тейлор Свифт закрутила роман с будущим Джеймсом  Бондом!

Tom Hiddleston

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Тейлор Свифт закрутила роман с будущим Джеймсом  Бондом!

Taylor Swift

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The news
the fact that Taylor swift started Dating the British actor Tom Hiddleston, has made a bombshell. After all, when it became known that swift and her
boyfriend Calvin Harris, whom she was going to marry suddenly broke up, all
to be sure that Harris threw the singer!

But just two weeks after breaking up with Calvin swift appeared on
public with new boyfriend and, judging by the way they stood, the 26-year-old Taylor and 35-year-old Tom
together is not the first day.

on the beach in Rhode island, near the home of the singer, the couple and tried
to hide their delicate relationship and did not pay attention to dozens of
the people who came to relax on the beach. Tom and Taylor was not even stopped by the appearance of the paparazzi. So photos soon appeared on the Internet, was made with a very small distance. A series of images are real photos of a romantic date on
the beach.

That is not just
gently kissed Taylor on the lips, after which she trustingly laid her head on
his shoulder. When Taylor was cold, he threw it on the shoulders of your jacket. And later
touching helped a friend to climb on a small rock to admire
a view of the ocean…

Swift and Hiddleston was first seen together in may at the charity party the Met Gala, but nobody did not attach much
values. Although now, considering the may pictures enthusiastically dancing along Taylor and
Tom, many people have noticed that they behave not as two
randomly met person.

Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston

Photo: @bobmarshall/Twitter

In an interview after the ball Hiddleston
effusive compliments to swift. He managed to call her stunning, and
charming and astounding… However, since then and until the day when
they both appeared on the beach, along did not see them. Apparently, some time chose to hide the relationship, to meet secretly without attracting public attention. Only now it becomes clear why Calvin recently
removed from its pages in social networks his previous comment: “When
relationships end, love remains and respect each other!”

Tom is now regarded as the favorite for the role of James bond in the next film, after the departure from the project of Daniel Craig. Recently the actor broke up with his girlfriend Elizabeth Olsen.
As for swift, that Hiddleston will be the seventh boyfriend of the actress for
the last seven years. Because before him, in addition to Calvin Harris, she managed to twist novels with Harry Styles (2012-2013), Jake Gyllenhaal(2010-2011), John
Mayer (2009-2010), Taylor Lautner (2009) and Joe Jonas (2008).

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