Татьяна Михалкова призналась, что могла пострадать из-за романа с Михалковым
The wife of the Director spoke about the denunciations of colleagues and the mores of the Soviet Bohemia.

Nikita and Tatyana Mikhalkov

Photo: from personal archive of Tatiana Mikhalkova

As you know, Tatyana Mikhalkov — one of the first models of the Soviet Union. In those days this profession was the domain of only a couple of dozen girls. Watching closely the Soviet model was supposed to be a Paragon of morality. Therefore, the Bohemian affair with Director Tatiana could not forgive.

“I was too young to
to take it a rule: colleagues never to late to reveal the soul,
to tell in detail what is happening in your personal life, ” says Tatiana Mikhalkova. Because in order to get around
rival, some girls were capable of much. No, the straps on dresses
I don’t cut, glass shoes not showered. But those with whom I shared a dressing room for
my back, it turns out, denounced me. Anyway, about what I
started Dating Mikhalkov, instantly found out the bosses. Our Director
Victor Ivanovich Jaglowski called me and strictly said, “Tanya, you don’t have
to appear with this Eye on people!” He said, “Marshak”, apparently to
show: it’s not specifically in the figure Mikhalkov, and in principle. Mannequin not
needs to afford secular novels, and in General turbulent personal life out of public view.

With the boss of the House models
the jokes were bad. Many girls, allowing myself something,
forever lost career. But Tatiana didn’t care. She was too in love to listen to someone’s

“I don’t know what would have ended, if Nikita is not
drafted into the army. He wrote me back the hundreds of serious, philosophical letters. I
always thought he is much older than his age. I listen to him, as
if he were a hundred years older than me — so it has always been the power of persuasion and
authority. He spoke, and I believed him. Then it with the same conviction
claimed opposite things, and again I believed him. And believe still…”

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