Корнелия Манго вышла замуж
The singer took her husband’s name.

Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd

Photo: Instagram

A few minutes ago, ” Cornelia Mango was married. Singer
signed with her lover — DJ Bogdan in Kutuzovsky registry office. Cornelia
preparing for the celebration for several months, meticulously selecting the site for the future
party, bridesmaid dress, forming the guest list.

“Thank you very much for the congratulations! — thanked 7days.ru singer. — We are happy!”

Mango decided to take her husband’s name — Dyurd. “I believe that the family should live under one
name — shared with 7days.ru star. So soon, the stage will be Cornelia

Dream dress, perfectly sitting on a figure, Cornelia chose
a few months before the celebration, but Bogdan, as expected according to the old
traditions, saw the outfit his bride today. White dress
added a veil and tiara with large stones.

The bride’s bouquet to Cornelia picked myself, based on my
artistic taste, as a singer and even artist paints.

We will remind, Bogdan Cornelia met for about two years. They met on the project of the channel “Russia-1” “I
you can.” In the framework of the project the musician Bogdan taught Cornelius beat-Boxing. I wonder
that shortly before meeting Cornelius vowed not to meet with
men just like that. She prayed to find a choice of
a good family. When Cornelia understood that between her and Bogdan flashed
sparkle, the singer told the young man: “I’m God promised not to fall in love until he
he will not give me a husband. And he is not exactly in dreadlocks and eight years younger”. In
reply Bogdan assured that it is God sent, because his name is Bohdan, which means

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