Тейлор Лотнер покрасил волосы в лиловый

24-year-old actor surprised an unusual way. Fashion trend or a new role?

The stars for the roles. Get fat, lose weight, cut hair, some bald shave! The star of the movie “Twilight” shocked fans in Instagram with the… purple hair!

Sexy brunette signed photo: “Life can be slow.

As it turned out, the 24-year-old actor plays a major role in the new season of “scream Queen”. Taylor often posts on social network pictures from the shooting, therefore the majority of followers of the star have suggested that a radical change of image is associated with the new role.

“How cool” that “suits You”, “I would also like to dye my hair that color,” – threw the subscribers Lautner compliments. By the way, the life of the actor in Instagram following of nearly half a million fans!

Recall that last year, Jared Leto shocked fans with the bright images. First he cut off his long hair and beard, and then dyed it platinum blonde! But that changes the actor did not stop and he went green and then red.