Прощай, хна! Никита Джигурда стал седым

The flamboyant showman has ceased to paint hair.

A couple of months ago it is easily associated with a children’s song about a red-haired boy who killed his grandfather with a shovel. Now, looking at the hair Dzhigurda in mind there are only a phrase from a song of Hope Kadysheva, “I Now streaked with gray, and you, as snow, gray.”

Often flashed in the media with his outrageous antics and obscene verses Nikita Dzhigurda, for a time disappeared from the media. Or you zapikannye infernal speech on the screen, no naked swims in the icy river, no video from his personal life. However, the return of Nikita from voluntary oblivion was really impressive. In a few weeks, the actor has changed beyond recognition.

On the place of fiery hair and a red beard like fire in the jungle, boasted a snow-covered forest. Apparently, the chair refused to paint hair, deciding that a man his age (Nikita Borisovich 55) ought not to abuse the lady’s stuff like henna. And here is the result. Someone of the subscribers have compared the Chair with a wise elder, someone found the similarity with Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. And someone grizzled bushy beard made me think about Santa Claus.

Perhaps, Nikita Miller is preparing to hold the Christmas tree in the Kremlin? From his lips the phrase “Christmas Tree” will sound frightening. But seriously, gray hair, Hold-to-face. He would be wearing leather with a high collar, dark glasses and even now pricey perfume or motorcycles to advertise.