Татьяна Воронина: «Мечтаю о конкурсе бабушек в Бразилии!» Tanya Voronina I met in the TV Studio. Recorded a programme about the singer Katya Semenova and her former bandmate “Girls” – a striking brunette with a chiseled figure, told how they played together. Recently for the first time arranged in Russia World Dog Show Tatiana was my co-host, and I was amazed to learn that the beautiful – the owner of one of the most famous kennels Cocker spaniels twice a grandmother and, moreover, stated at the autumn championship of Moscow on bodybuilding and fitness in the nomination “Miss bikini”.

    Татьяна Воронина: «Мечтаю о конкурсе бабушек в Бразилии!»

    – I represent you in the red.

    – Oh I don’t know, ” laughs Tanya, red – it’s Attention! And in my life, so much red, since the car. The swimsuit competition can’t be bought and specially sewn, rhinestones are attached manually. I think I’ll go black.

    And you of the cool singers, a group of “Girls” it was mega popular, the first girl band in the country, began to work with dogs?

    – After the Institute of Ippolitov – Ivanov (among six of my fellow students was the now famous producer Igor Matvienko, and the song we were taught granddaughter Arkady Ostrovsky, who wrote “Let there always be sunshine”), I began to speak with “the Girls”, and when there took an offer to work in the group “Combination” was perceived as an insult. Because they were considered fluff, but we were on the tip of the iceberg, basking there in the sunlight. Then worked as a keyboard player Oleg Gazmanov, went solo concerts in Sweden, was recorded in the Studio with “Metal Corrosion”. This Spider made a record. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when it ceased to exist, art boards and everywhere on the stage crept singer who doesn’t know, dear, but barely covering the skirts of priests to me through someone’s bed to move in a vocal career was unacceptable and I have gone to the dogs. It all started with shopping for home security great Dane, photos of my second Doheny – Deborah – even got on the canine calendar. And then I met the Cocker Spaniel Mon cher Feliche in the parlance of Mishutka. Bitch polomka, black-podpora. At first I was working with her hair but mischkinsky owners a child is born allergic to wool, and the animal moved towards me, and I get hung up on the spaniels. Moreover, when in 2000, the second time married to an English rock musician, acquired in London the coolest, most expensive dog chocolate color, the ancestor of my other dogs.

    Татьяна Воронина: «Мечтаю о конкурсе бабушек в Бразилии!»

    You know, you are a very strong person: rose from the chair, began to play sports.

    Error physicians in diagnosis and, consequently, overdose of anesthesia during surgery. Then I for 33 days in a coma – a totally unique event, after this period, the chances of survival almost none. 26 days was in a coma of the IV degree, III in a week. Then in a wheelchair in the intensive care unit felt a few months as a vegetable. The only thing good I remember when I left my nurse Valya, an amazing woman from the Ukraine, the old lady from next door came and whispered: “anyway you will die!” Eyeballs I was dry, they forgot to dribble, foot brought almost to gangrene. But I have risen, and in 50 years, repainted, woke up and thought, “How am I all these years lived a blonde?” My daughter gave birth on the day of subscription and I first came to the club. First received serious injuries – school coach, but, my fault, doing exercises with incorrect technique and took exorbitant weight. And now has moved, literally attacking its requests to an amazing specialist.

    Татьяна Воронина: «Мечтаю о конкурсе бабушек в Бразилии!»

    – Short answer: to have such perfect abs, and other outstanding body parts, like yours, need…

    – …first and foremost, lose weight, increase your fat index is at least 16%, and then provided daily workouts (15-20 minutes any person is able to perform) will be visible muscles. (Particularly effective for the press twisting and “bar”.) But remember, to lose weight should not through diet, I am categorically opposed to this, and eating right. Five times a day in small portions and to balance the number of PFC – protein, fats, carbohydrates. After 18 hours, to abandon the fruit and complex carbohydrates – buckwheat, oatmeal, rice. At this time, is healthy, green vegetables – broccoli, asparagus, green beans. After the world Cup, I dream to participate in the contest grandmothers in Brazil. Why there? In contrast to European competition, where this year the second place was taken by our young grandmother from St. Petersburg, in addition to the face and even the body is evaluated.


    Татьяна Воронина: «Мечтаю о конкурсе бабушек в Бразилии!»

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