Юлия Паршута одевается на распродажах Not so long ago the star of the show “one to One!” organized a holiday to the Maldives and Singapore. Julia took formal outfits and high heels, and it turned out that in these places, everywhere you can go in shorts and flip flops. In addition, in recognition of the star, it is specially planned my trip so to be able to buy new things at a discount.

      Юлия Паршута одевается на распродажах

      Recently, the star of the show “one to One!” decided to arrange a holiday. The celebrity managed to find time in your busy schedule to leave for two weeks in the tropical Paradise. Abroad Parshuta not only warmed on the white sand of the Maldives elite, but also to walk to the shops of Singapore. And they, according to Julia, was almost the main point in its programme

      Parshuta also admitted that brought stiletto heels and fine accessories. And only on arrival in a warm country, she realized that it was not worth to do that. In the Maldives and in Singapore most of the local people and tourists dress up very simple. If Yulia got dressed up, she’d look a little ridiculous. Moreover, for the duration of your stay Parshuta even refused makeup and calmly walked to a local establishment without makeup.

      – I specifically took the tour with two “points” to be able to relax and active, and soak up the sun lying on the beach, ” says Parshuta “StarHit”. We have heels, jewelry… but never wear it. Everything around me was to relax, and that means dressing up makes no sense. Even in bars and restaurants went in shorts and t-shirts, absolutely no cosmetics.

      Юлия Паршута одевается на распродажах

      The girl also has told that does not like to sit in one place. Passive entertainment star want to be more active. Not only is she basking on the beach, sunbathing and relaxing, but also lots of swimming and even mastered the SUP. Even Julia learned to ride a bike. The fact that Parshuta, as it turned out, really do not know how to do it. Now, however, celebrity is trying to learn as much as possible about everything. According to Julia, it gives the emotions.

      Moreover, Yulia, as every girl are unable to resist the urge to stock up on local sales. Parshuta bought so many things, with great difficulty brought him home.

      – I do up to 28 years have never sat on a two-wheeled transport, says the artist. – Now try to use all the emotions you need to collect in a piggy Bank. For example, on the way back, dined at the highest Ferris wheel in Singapore, the whole city as on a palm! And then the day I went shopping – specially podgadali trip to get on sale. Even the suitcase I had to buy. Barely dragged new wardrobe.
      Юлия Паршута одевается на распродажах

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