Татьяна Терешина поделилась подробностями второй беременности
The singer told how he learned about his “interesting” position.

Photo: instagram

Tatyana Tereshina admitted to fans that for the second time, two days ago. After that her social networks were flooded with questions about pregnancy. The singer did not expect that her personal event will cause such frenzied interest from the public. So Tereshina promised in order to tell subscribers everything and how it happened in recent months. And the beginning of star story with — conception!

“I and my lover decided to “try” (and by the way only once, but what!), — says Tatiana. The passion between us was so strong that urgently required the continuation of our relationship and fastening them in the form of a child. Then as time went on, I completely lost the “my calendar”. It happens to me sometimes. And one day… my mr. Grey (as the singer calls her fiance. — Approx. ed.) went to the birthday party of a friend. The evening was beautiful. I drank white wine, when suddenly, close to midnight, I felt something in the abdomen. Can’t pinpoint what it is. As a kind of spasm. But something very familiar. I decided that perhaps this time the “red army”, but then quickly questioned. Painfully it was similar to another. We loved began to calculate. Sat sagely on holiday and tried to add up the numbers in my cycle, but as we tried, we could not. With some of my weird spasms we took our suspect “stomach” urgently home. At home, after sitting over him, my Oleg broke down and darted into the pharmacy. Oh, what was his face when I showed these same two brightest stripes! That it was necessary to remove in the “storis”! After some euphoric shock pause we stood in silence and smiled, looked at each other and then hugged, and I realized that I someone made very happy. On the ultrasound, and so on. The term has been decent already. Just some of the feelings lost orientation in time and space — and that’s fine. The sex of the baby we know, but not tell you!”

Now Tereshina is on the fifth month. On 16 September this year appointed her wedding with the father of the unborn child. The belly of the star is small, but in two months it will be hard to hide, so dress for the occasion, the tat selects casual.