Альбину Джанабаеву обокрали в Испании
The singer suffered from unusual thieves.

Albina dzhanabaeva, which is now resting in Marbella with her beloved husband Valeriy Meladze and their sons, faced a very strange situation. The famous singer stole the cart with products in the store! And the interesting thing is that no financial losses, the star did not suffer, because the “crime” happened before Albina paid for your purchase.

“It is now funny, but at the time I was not amused — shared dzhanabaeva. — I bought the products, carefully studying the shelves, assortment and labels. Had a lot of time, and I approached this question with all responsibility! And at one point when it was nearing completion, I have left a full cart for exactly 2 minutes, dived into some need me… I Go out — and it’s not! I could not believe my eyes: “Well, who needs a foreign cart with products that aren’t even paid???” All bypassed — it is not!!! Tried to explain the situation to the Spanish sellers, they were very surprised, threw up his hands and began to help search for missing — anywhere! Maybe someone mistakenly took her as around and looked into the cart to each — there is none! Here I am completely confused, so I felt sad and sorry for the time wasted… But what to do, took himself in hand, so to speak, and went to the second round!”

Rest Meladze and dzhanabaeva not in the hotel, so the albino and had to go shopping. Specially for a holiday in Spain they rented a luxury Villa. The staff only helps the family to clean the house, but cooking Albina assumed, as befits a wife and mother. Contrary to popular belief that Actresses can not secure the life, dzhanabaeva is a great hostess. And it is not difficult to take care of their “boys” — 14-year-old Costa, a 4-year-old Luke and 53-year-old Valera.