Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов расстались
The actress admitted that not loyal to the ex-lover.

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Even some six months ago, Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov was going to get married, but, alas, their “boat” is empty and the incompatibility of characters.

“We do not communicate with may — told Golubkina. — I’m in love with him to distraction, to me he is a Greek God, so handsome! But one thing in front of him to revere, and the other to live. Living with him is impossible. We are completely different: he is an introvert, I an extrovert. At night he writes books and draws me in a noisy company. He loves fiction, I’m fiction. He is play on computers, I listen to a lecture. I got to come to it can’t he doesn’t want me. Loyalty I he kept, not the age that the cross on himself to put. Time is not agreed, I am free. I hope he will find peace: I always brought…”

Fans of Mary saddened that this love story in her life did not work out. But it all started out nicely. Golubkina told me that they knew each other forever.

“I have a family of three generations of actors, Bori four — shared Maria with the magazine “7 Days”. — He is the grandson of legendary actor Boris Livanov and the son of people’s artist Vasily Livanov, who was friends with my uncle Cyril Lascaris (half-brother of Andrei Mironov. — Approx. ed.). When dad died, I was only 13 years old, and the father’s role took on just Cyril. How could I not be familiar with his son’s closest friend?”

For many years they did not communicate and had not seen, but just over a year ago Boris found Mary in social networks and started a correspondence. Then they could spend hours talking on the phone and when we met, I immediately realized that between them there was a real feeling.

“Must get married on “their”!” — said Livanov, and Maria agreed with him. The lovers were going to marry, and even did not rule out the possibility to have a baby. But, alas, they soon parted. We made it, but apparently still have not been able to establish a relationship.

Despite the fact that Golubkina still loves Livanov in her life has a new relationship.

“I don’t live alone,” — said Maria in an interview with “Antenna”.