Татьяна Лазарева переживает серьезную утрату Star puzzled fans sad post. It Tatyana Lazareva told about the tragedy that occurred with her family. Followers Express condolences presenter and I wish you strength.

Famous TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva scared fans sad entry in Instagram. In the post she talked about the pain of loss. Apparently, the star of television’s father died. Followers wish her strength and condolences.

“So many of us from our parents and our ancestors that neither one mirror do not show everything. Thanks dad, thanks mom. Are you there now together, I’ll see you,” – said Lazarev.

Followers understand the status of Tatiana, as many of them were in similar situations. “Sorry for your loss, hold on! You have so much beautiful”, “You’re lucky you had so long been “little girl” – daughter. As they say, while the parents are alive, we are children only after the death of his parents, we become very adult”, “I, too, recently died father. It was all very unexpected and very wildly in pain. Mother, thank God, still alive. Try to get out of this stress”, “It’s very sad to lose loved ones”, “Piece of your heart, soul, heat lose when they leave the parents,” wrote Lazarus.

Recall, the father Lazareva, Yuri Stanislavovich worked as a history teacher in the physico-mathematical school of Novosibirsk state University, and her mother Valeria Alekseevna – the teacher of literature. It is known that they met when trained in pedagogical Institute. Tatiana’s father was visually impaired from the age of 16, but this affliction did not prevent him in the profession.

Tatiana also has a sister Olga, living in Malaysia. She works in a clinic of alternative medicine.

As argued by Lazarus in numerous interviews, she has always been more important than the welfare of loved ones, than career growth. “The priorities I always have is family. There were many projects which I refused… on the other hand, maybe they weren’t profitable – at least one million dollars was offered. But to earn at the expense of communication with family I think it is wrong, because the money I earn, is spent primarily on the same family and comfort. So that still turned out a substitution. So I prefer first and foremost to protect the interests of the family” – shared TV presenter.