Диана Гурцкая о раке: «Не знала, как жить дальше»	The actress recalled how she was diagnosed with a serious illness. Diana Gurtskaya recognizes that worried about his son, who could remain without mother. Fortunately, she managed not only to surgery but also to preserve women’s health.
Диана Гурцкая о раке: «Не знала, как жить дальше»

In the Studio of the program “Live healthy!” Elena Malysheva came singer Diana Gurtskaya. A famous singer told leading that some time ago she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Several years ago, she went to the gynecologist. During the examination she was diagnosed with a myoma. Then the doctors suspected cancer, therefore, invited the star to remove the uterus.

“Initially what I was afraid of – not that anything will happen. But afraid what will happen to my son. I thought, “Lord, what about him then?” I didn’t know how to live further”, – said the singer.

Later Gurtskaya appealed to other professionals. They did not confirm the diagnosis. “I want to say that there is a doctor from God, who brought me back from the dead. It is a terrible disease not confirmed. I was operated on, saved them all. On the second day she had me walk in the hospital corridor. It is necessary to walk, to lie down, to eat. I’m alive!” – said Diana.

After what happened in her life, an artist attentive to their health. Gurtskaya believes what will give birth to son coast brother or sister. “There is a possibility that really wanted a daughter. There was a moment when Kostya was young, did not want to share my love for him with anyone, but now I understand that he needed a brother, a sister. What would I do without your brother Robert? Although we often argue, swear, because he still thinks of me as a child. Sometimes I begin to understand, I also difficult to hear when my son tells me that he has his own life. And brother I was a child, almost hand-fed”, – told the star in an interview.

By the way, one of the last events, many journalists noticed rounded tummy stars. Diana appeared at the concert of Ilya Reznik in a tight red dress that showed off her figure. Some fans of the star are wondering is she the second child. The singer no comments were given, and only effectively posing for the camera.