Татьяна Котова о трагедии в Ницце: «Сам воздух пропитан горем» Ex-participant of “VIA gra” has shared his impressions of the city where the attack occurred. Tatyana Kotova is nice. Singer posts images that do not leave indifferent its subscribers.

      The attack, which occurred in France, Bastille Day, claimed the lives of 84 people. The town and resort of nice has been a nightmare in a festive evening of 14 July when the people gathered on the waterfront to watch the fireworks. A large truck, at the wheel which there was a terrorist, crashed into the crowd, and at leisure, he opened fire. Hundreds of wounded are still in hospitals between life and death.

      Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” Tatyana Kotova flew to nice the next day after the attack. The singer’s plans were to stay in France a wonderful vacation, but instead, she was at the center of tragic events.

      “Of course, the news caught us by surprise, the flight was very unpleasant, but the plans we are unable to change it… And came face to face with the tragedy, which killed people”, – said Kotov.

      Ex-participant of “VIA gra” has published in his microblog photo with the waterfront, where the tragedy occurred. Now this place is filled with flowers, candles and flags of different countries. People leave notes with words of support for the relatives of victims of the terrorist attack.

      Photo published by TATYANA KOTOVA (@kottova) Jul 19 2016 5:38 PDT

      “Today, with many locals and tourists alike. we lay flowers. It seems the air itself is impregnated with this grief, anxiety and tears… In nice there is silence every 20 minutes audible signals an ambulance and paramedics are on their way not only to victims but also to the relatives of the victims, who are not able to survive the loss of loved ones… Incredible feelings originate in the soul. Reeling from what he saw and heard. Grief brings people together, makes you think about life, about meaning, about time… But what I want to believe that “world peace” is not just a worn phrase, but a reality that someday will triumph,” wrote Kotova in Instagram.

      Singer from Russia and Ukraine miraculously survived in nice

      Recall that in the moment of the attack in nice there was a Light singer, known for his hits “Your eyes”, “airport”, “Enough,” and others. The actress thanked the guardian angel for what she and her family survived. Star and her family were together with other tourists and townspeople at the festival. They strolled along the legendary promenade of nice and literally a few minutes before the terrible tragedy went home.

      “Thank you guardian angel… This is a terrible tragedy… my son and I went for four minutes before the attack… may God Give the strength to all the relatives and friends of the victims. And no matter what they were a nationality… people Died, children, families,” wrote Light.

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