Поклонники обеспокоены худобой Юлии Снигирь The star of the show “Catherine” showed a slim figure. Yuliya Snigir has published a new photo, which shows that she lost weight after filming the historical drama and the birth of a child.

      Поклонники обеспокоены худобой Юлии Снигирь

      Yuliya Snigir first became a mother in early spring. Boy born to actor Yevgeny Tsyganov, called Fedor. For several months after birth, the star of the TV series “Ekaterina” actively dropping excess weight.

      Postroynevshaya figure Julia boasted on his page in Instagram. She posted a photo of the outdoor summer dress. Face star has also become significantly thinner since the filming of the series “Catherine” when she had much to recover for the role of the Empress.

      “Morning is different”, – wrote in his microblog Snigir.

      “Honey, Boo”, “something lost a lot of weight,” commented the new subscribers stars.

      Fans of Julia worried about her excessive slimness, because previously she didn’t look so thin. However, this effect in the photo could be due to the fact that the star is just standing to the camera polubokom, but in reality its fans no reason to worry.

      By the way, not so long ago, the actress finally came out in the light, accompanied by Yevgeny Tsyganov. Despite the fact that the novel stars talked for a long time, they refused to comment on their relationship and did not appear at events as a couple. But to open festival of documentary films on contemporary culture civil wife made an exception.

      Many were surprised by the appearance of artists on the public. Julia and Eugene immediately riveted everyone’s attention. The star looked happy and harmonious couple.

      But the former civil wife Irina Tsyganova Leonova has not appeared in the spotlight. The actress doesn’t go to public events because it is all in the care of seven children that were born from Eugene Tsyganov. The youngest daughter of Irene and no, she is just a few months older than son Snigir.

      Native Tsyganov turned away from him because of the baby Snigir

      “Ira’s not one to give up, – said the “StarHit” her brother Vladimir Leonov, who lives in Tallinn. She’s planning a lot to do, to play theatre, to raise children. Soon the senior has become a mainstay for my mom. Her family left. Even though we live in different countries, try to support. In that year I came to visit – used to babysit his nephews, brought gifts. Parents in Moscow are the grandchildren sit. Our mom and dad, of course, the first time turned away from Tsyganova. But sometimes you have to communicate, he is the father of the children… And they are back to the birth – judge it, don’t judge”.

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