Татьяна Догилева поразила зрителей внешним видом The actress was almost unrecognizable, so she changed. Spectators, guests of the program “Hello, Andrew!” was frankly surprised to see Tatyana Dogileva. The actress came on the show, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the program “Town”.
Татьяна Догилева поразила зрителей внешним видом

The actress, star of popular Soviet films – “the Pokrovskie gate”, “Blonde around the corner”, “Forgotten melody for flute” became the guest of the program of the TV channel Russia-1 “hi, Andrew!”. The fresh air of the program was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first issue of the comic magazine Yuri Stoyanov and Ilya Oleynikov “Town”. Dogileva not just a guest, she studied with Stoyanov on the same course and they even had an affair. It was so long ago that few like the truth, recognized as former classmates. They met at the theatre Institute, played together, the love in student sketches.

“Yura doesn’t like it when I tell this story. Because already tired. But I will tell you that Yes, it was. We had such a strange course. That’s just one Stoyanov was a bit like a hero, handsome, tall and in curls. However, also flawed – he was a fencer, stooped, and his arms were long and hung. Then we had a novel we were rehearsing all the time rehearsing some crazy sketches about love” – said Tatyana Dogileva.
Татьяна Догилева поразила зрителей внешним видом

However the story of the actress is not as impressed the audience with her appearance. 61-year-old Dogileva has visibly gained weight and changed almost beyond recognition. Recent times about the changes to the figure of Tatiana Anatolievna said a month and a half ago, when she gave a master class and the network got a photo of her. Fans even concerned about her health. But Dogileva answering the questions “StarHit” said she is doing well. Although he admitted that recovered. “Yes, I recovered. So what’s next?” she said at the time.

Tatyana Dogileva has never considered herself a beauty, and most of her roles in the movie still, it’s typical heroines, often comical. However, her playing always heartfelt and admired the spectator, and many are sincerely called beautiful.

The actress never made a cult of their appearance. Although it was recognized that one of the first among her friends decided to go under the surgeon’s knife – Dogileva by his own admission did plastic surgery.


If some viewers amazed and a little disappointed, others support the actress, focusing attention on the acting talent of Tatiana Dogileva.