Алена Свиридова публично попросила прощения у бывшего мужа The singer in the program “the Secret to a million” admitted that was wrong. Alena Sviridova apologized to the ex-spouse and told how she left him many years ago.
Алена Свиридова публично попросила прощения у бывшего мужа

Alena Sviridova last year officially became a pensioner – she was 55 years old. But age is only numbers, and the singer leads an active lifestyle – touring, recording new songs, sings, travels a lot, engaged in extreme sports. And the current husband of the actress younger than her 15 years.

Sviridov was officially married twice. That is the name of the first wife nee Alena Leonova is still. In the program “the Secret to a million” singer talked about how she met her future husband and father of his eldest son.

“We met in the company of mutual friends. I was a schoolgirl, and he a student. Serge has made a big impression on me – he’s smart, he already spoke fluent German. We not so long met, quickly married. He was my first man. For the fourth course I got pregnant and the diploma was with Bob on hand…” – said Alena.
Алена Свиридова публично попросила прощения у бывшего мужа

Young Allen was not ready for family life. By her own admission, she didn’t have time to feel grown-up, “taste of adulthood”, and immediately became a wife and mother. Sviridov said that she helped with the baby and her mother, and her husband, but all the same it was hard for her. Together with her first husband Alan had lived for five years. And then fell in love with another and left. Later on than very sorry.

“I fell in love with actor Arthur, who wrote poetry. Came to Sergei and said, behold now, I fell in love. He said, “Maybe you will think again and will return.” Behaved very nobly. I’m stupid, was crazy. I’m sorry that I’m such sviniga, and ran away. Serge is a very good man. And I beg him for forgiveness,” – said Alena.

Now Sviridov happy with businessman David Vardanyan, married but no longer wants. Earlier, the singer had signed with the American diplomat Henry Peacock, but this marriage did not end well. Now Alena is convinced that for a happy marriage stamp in the passport is necessary in last turn.